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Yoon So Yi

Yoon So Yi Nationality, Biography, Born, Gender, Age, 윤소이, Plot, Yoon So Yi debuted as a model in Graffiti Magazine in 2001.
Yoon So Yi Nationality, Biography, Born, Gender, Age, 윤소이, Plot, Yoon So Yi debuted as a model in Graffiti Magazine in 2001.
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Yoon So Yi Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yoon So Yi debuted as a model in Graffiti Magazine in 2001. After a few years of print and business modelling, she auditioned for Ryu Seung Wan’s action-comedy Arahan in 2004. Based on a popular South Korean comedian, Arahan explored the results of unleashing an historical evil spirit into a present day city, with Yoon’s character part of a hidden faculty of ancient masters who educate a naive younger policeman to combat this evil pressure. Yoon underwent strict training for 6 months in a film movement college, where she had to conquer her phobia of heights. The film changed into a relative industrial achievement, with one assessment describing her as “tall and attractive in an excellently non-cutesy manner”. She received a Best New Actress nomination at the 2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Yoon next starred inside the TV drama Say You Love Me, a dark, twisted love tale between four people. This brought about a friendship along with her co-star Kim Rae Won, with whom she starred in a chain of advertisements for Samsung Digital Plaza. When Kim later launched his very own management employer Bless Entertainment, she could also be part of his stable of stars.

After gambling Jung Joon Ho’s love hobby in The Twins, Yoon was forged in Shadowless Sword, a wuxia martial arts epic set in historic China. In the role of a stunning younger swordswoman who protects the destiny king, Yoon says that she become stimulated by using Anita Mui in The Heroic Trio and that the robust-willed female person appealed to her. She learned wushu for 3 months in Korea, then wire movement from the Chinese stunt group.

In 2006, she became part of the ensemble cast of Goodbye Solo, written by means of renowned drama creator Noh Hee Kyung. Even even though her dramas do no longer attract a excessive range of viewers, Noh has won a cult following for her in-depth portrayal of regular characters, taking a extra human herbal approach thru practical and yet emotional strains. Goodbye Solo featured seven characters of different generations and backgrounds, as they reflect on human relationships and nature. Yoon might later paintings once more with usually the identical group within the 2-episode TV special Several Questions That Make Us Happy.

Goodbye Solo’s creator Noh and veteran actress Bae Jong Ok introduced Yoon to Join Together Society (JTS), a Seoul-primarily based Buddhist international alleviation organisation (Yoon herself is a Buddhist). Since then she has been extraordinarily energetic in charity work for JTS, spearheading road fund drives and numerous programs to advantage underprivileged youngsters in North Korea and growing nations.

An athlete in junior excessive, Yoon changed into a Sports Model essential at Dongduk Women’s University, however subsequently dropped out because of showbiz commitments. She later enrolled in Dongguk University as a Theatre and Film foremost, slowing down her acting sports to consciousness on her research and becoming acknowledged within the Korean press as one of the only a few celeb version students. Yoon graduated in 2011.

Her subsequent challenge, Auction House, tried a one-of-a-kind layout from the usual serialized Korean drama. The twelve-episode season 1 had 4 administrators and 4 writers, airing one episode each week, with every director producing his very own segment in his personal fashion, crossing genres. The episodic format was not a success with Korean audiences (notwithstanding a season 2 specializing in plastic surgeons with a very specific cast).

Yoon played a former reporter suffering to modify to life as a chaebol daughter-in-law in Glass Castle; the drama become a modest success. In 2009, she changed into forged as a ultimate-minute alternative main girl within the quirky Hero starring Lee Jun Ki. Despite being praised as a properly-acted and strong drama, Hero acquired low ratings. Yoon’s next movie Try to Remember, about lovers inside the beyond whose love transcends time and brings them collectively inside the current, premiered at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

In 2011 she starred in a particularly commissioned 20-minute film for the Gyeongju World Culture Expo. Titled Byeongnucheon (“The Bracelet of Blue Tears”), the delusion adventure goals to spearhead Korea’s nascent stereoscopic film enterprise and combines live-movement sequences with three-D animated computer photos.

Yoon these days joined the microblogging site Twitter with the take care of “soy00”.

She additionally starred inside the fusion sageuk Warrior Baek Dong Soo.


First Name: So Yi
Native Name: 윤소이
Also Known as: Yun So Yi, Mun So Lee, So Yi Mun, Yun So I
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Female
Born: 5 January 1985
Age: 37


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