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Park Hyo-shin, comeback after paying off KRW 3.3 billion in debt…’Wildflower’, a life full of twists and turns

Park Hyo-shin, comeback after paying off KRW 3.3 billion in debt | 'Wildflower', a life full of twists and turns
Park Hyo-shin, comeback after paying off KRW 3.3 billion in debt | 'Wildflower', a life full of twists and turns
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Ten years ago, singer Park Hyo-shin paid off 1.5 billion won in debt and returned to his day job. Her comeback song ‘Wildflower’, which contains the twists and turns of her life, swept to the top of her music charts, announcing Park Hyo-shin’s successful return.

On March 28, 2013, Park Hyo-shin’s 7th full-length album ‘Wildflower’ was released. Her title song of the same name, ‘Wildflower’, is a song that contains the will to overcome difficulties and soar through her music like the wild flowers blooming in her fields.

‘Wildflower’ was a song released four years after the 6th regular album ‘Gift Part 2’ released in 2010. Before ‘Wildflower’ came out, Park Hyo-shin went through many twists and turns, including a legal battle with her former agency.

In 2008, her former agency Interstage filed a lawsuit against Park Hyo-shin, claiming 3 billion won in damages due to the termination of her exclusive contract. Afterwards, Park Hyo-shin received a Supreme Court ruling ordering her to pay 1.5 billion won in compensation to her former agency in June 2012. As a result, he took on a total debt of 3.3 billion won, including legal interest.

Accordingly, Park Hyo-shin applied to the court for personal rehabilitation in November 2012 to adjust his debt. The personal rehabilitation procedure is a system in which the court provides relief by forcibly reorganizing the debts of individuals facing bankruptcy due to financial difficulties. If personal rehabilitation is decided, the applicant can receive a certain amount of debt forgiven and extend the repayment period. However, Park Hyo-shin also experienced difficulties, such as the general rehabilitation process being terminated midway by the court.

Fortunately, Park Hyo-shin paid off all his debts with the help of those around him. In March 2014, Jellyfish Entertainment, which was Park Hyo-shin’s agency at the time, said, “Park Hyo-shin recently deposited a debt of 33 won in total, including 1.5 billion won in compensation and legal interest as determined by the Supreme Court in the Busan District Court.”

She continued, “Park Hyo-shin was in financial difficulty and her debt was large, so her company stepped in and helped her to repay the debt determined by the court.” She added, “Park Hyo-shin relieved the burden on her heart and focused only on her music in the future.” “The way to sell out has been opened,” he said.

Conflicts with her former agency and her burden of clearing off her debts have left Park Hyo-shin free to focus solely on her music career. The song ‘Wildflower’ that she created was very similar to her life of Park Hyo-shin. ‘Wildflower’, which contains the story of his life overcoming difficulties and blooming again, and his soulful voice were warmly welcomed by fans.

Accordingly, ‘Wildflower’ achieved the feat of ranking first on major domestic music charts. In particular, it received great love for a long time, ranking first on Melon’s comprehensive weekly chart in the first week of April 2014 (March 31 – April 6).

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