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New worldview ‘Parasyte: The Grey’, we can’t help but look forward to season 2

New worldview 'Parasyte: The Grey', we can't help but look forward to season 2
New worldview 'Parasyte: The Grey', we can't help but look forward to season 2
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A fresh imagination that adds to the original, a deeper world view, and a sense of theme. A work that cannot be stopped once started has been created. ‘Parasyte: The Gray’ announces the starting point of a new chapter in ‘Yeonniverse’ (Yeon Sang-ho Universe) and makes people look forward to the next chapter.

In ‘Parasyte Beast: The Gray’, when parasites appear that try to expand their power by using humans as hosts, the operation of the dedicated team ‘The Gray’ to stop them begins, and among them, the human ‘Beast Man’ (formerly known as the Beast Man), A Netflix series depicting the story of Sonny.

One day, unidentified parasites appear around the world, steal human brains, form organizations, expand their power, and threaten humans in earnest. To stop them, the parasite task force ‘The Gray’ is formed.

Her parasitic organism, which tried to use her ‘beast’ as its host, was unable to take away all of her brain to save her from the brink of death, and her human ‘beast’ and her parasitic creature, ‘Heidi’, died. A strange symbiosis emerges. In the fierce battle between humans and parasites, ‘beast people’, who are neither parasites nor humans, are treated as ‘mutants’ who do not belong anywhere, and are gradually drawn into a dangerous fight.

‘Parasyte: The Gray’ is a comic by Hitoshi Iwaaki that has sold over 25 million copies in more than 30 regions and countries with its brilliant imagination and philosophical message that parasites take over human brains and control the body. It is based on ‘Parasyte’.

(Parasyte: The Gray / Photo = Netflix)

This is a story that started from his imagination, ‘What will happen if a parasite falls on Korea?’ It depicts a worldview expanded from the original work, and even those who have not seen the original work will be completely absorbed in ‘Parasyte: The Gray’. The greatest virtue of this work is that it can be done. Additionally, the shocking scene where the human face opens and the identity of the parasite is revealed, as well as the overwhelming visuals of the parasite with tentacles that constantly change their shape, are also outstanding.

‘Parasyte: The Gray’ is tightly intertwined with the fight between humans and parasites and the relationships between the main characters caught up in the vortex, so viewers can’t help but be curious about what happens next. In particular, the process of a character who is tired of life to the point of thinking, “It’s time for me to be unhappy again” realizes ‘coexistence’ and ‘bond’ with parasites, and fights for his life, shows the clear thematic sense of ‘Parasyte: The Gray’. It shows.

The performances of the actors also add to the richness of ‘Parasyte: The Gray’. Jeon So-ni perfectly plays the dual roles of a parasite and a human, from action to inner acting. The actor who gives the greatest strength to director Yeon Sang-ho, who said, “I am struggling with popularity,” is Koo Kyo-hwan. Koo Kyo-hwan demonstrates his unique presence by expressing his rough and dark inner self with a harsh tone of voice. Sometimes lightly, sometimes seriously, he holds the center of the work more firmly than any other character.

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