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The Banker (2019)

The Banker cast: Kim Sang Joong, Chae Shi Ra, Chae Shi Ra. The Banker Release Date: 27 March (2019) .The Banker Episodes: 32.
The Banker cast: Kim Sang Joong, Chae Shi Ra, Chae Shi Ra. The Banker Release Date: 27 March (2019) .The Banker Episodes: 32.

Overall: The Banker is a Korean Drama (2019). The Banker cast: Kim Sang Joong, Chae Shi Ra, Chae Shi Ra. The Banker Release Date: 27 March (2019). The Banker Episodes: 32.

The Banker Detail

Drama: The Banker (2019)
Network: MBC
Directors: Lee Jae Jin
Writer: Bae Sang Wook
Main Stars: Kim Sang Joong, Chae Shi Ra, Chae Shi Ra
Genres: Drama, Political
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 27 March 2019
Season: 1
Episodes: 32
Airs: 27 March 2019 – 16 May 2019
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: deo baengkeo, 더 뱅커

The Banker Synopsis and Plot Summary

This dramatization depends on the Japanese manga “Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei” which was composed by “Ryouka Shuu” and represented by “Shigeru Noda” from 1998 to 2002.

It recounts to the account of a bank reviewer seeks after equity and strategy changes when a financial air pocket is falling. No Dae Ho is a legitimate and genuine man. He functions as a branch chief of Daehan Bank which is situated in a little city. The branch is on a prospective shutdown list. Shockingly, No Dae Ho is elevated to an examiner at the bank’s central station in Seoul. No Dae Ho at that point faces debasement at the bank.

The Banker Cast

Kim Sang Joong as Noh Dae Ho
Chae Shi Ra as Han Soo Ji
Yoo Dong Geun as Kang Sam Do
Kim Tae Woo as Lee Hae Gon
Ahn Woo Yeon as Seo Bo Geol
Shin Do Hyun as Shin Do Hyun

Jung Hyung Suk as Sung Chi Wook Gen Mgr-Inspection team
Cha In Ha as Moon Hong Joo
Ahn Nae Sang as Yook Kwan Shik
I’m Seung Dae as Kim Young Ho
Seo Yi Sook as Do Jeong Ja
Kim Young Pil as Manager Kim
Kim Gyu Chul as Park Gwang Soo

Oh Seung Eun as Section Chief Jin Seon Mi
Kim Byung Gi as Choi Jong Soo
Lee Mi Young as Seo Bo Geol’s mother
Go In Bum as Jung Soo Chan
Jung Soo Chan as Park Jin-Ho Professor
Kim Noh Jin as Park Bo Ram Bank applicant / Mr. Park’s daughter

Kim Byung Choon as Han Min Goo
Oh Yong as Min Hyung Gi
Jung Kyung Ho as Byun Sung Tae
Kwon Hyuk Soo as Kang Hye Ryung’s father
Jun Jeong Il as Branch Manager
Kim Ji Sung as Kang Hye Ryung Han Sol’s mother
Shin Hee Chul as Bank staff

Woo Sang Jun as Farmer with boar
Jo Young Gyu as Mr. Jo Online store Healthy Table
Yoo Pil Ran as Mr. Jo’s wife
Park Choong Seon as Kim Jung Shik Manager of Daehan bank
Kim Ki Cheon as Na Dae Ho
Jang Gwang as Jo Jang Kwang
Cha Do Jin as o Young Kyung
Jei as Jo Hyun Ah

Jo Hyun Ah as Koo Seong Taek
Seol Yu Jin as Oh Ji Yeon
Park Mi Ri as Bank clerk 3
Park Ok Chool as Gongju Store owner
Kim Jin Ok as Cleaning lady at Haesan
Ahn Soo Bin as Haeng Won

Byeon Woo Jong as Kim Myoung Soo
Kim Ji Yoo as Kim Ji Yoo
Lee Kyung Oh as Personnel committee
Yoon Gi Chang as Guest Role
Moon Yong Il as Guest Role
Yoo Ha Bok as Guest Role
Dok Go Young Jae as Guest Role
Yu Seung Il as Guest Role
Sung Nam as Doctor

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