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Strangers Again (2023)

Strangers Again cast: Kang So Ra, Jang Seung Jo, Jo Eun Ji. Strangers Again Release Date: 18 January 2023. Strangers Again Episodes: 12.
Strangers Again cast: Kang So Ra, Jang Seung Jo, Jo Eun Ji. Strangers Again Release Date: 18 January 2023. Strangers Again Episodes: 12.
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Overall: Strangers Again is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). Strangers Again cast: Kang So Ra, Jang Seung Jo, Jo Eun Ji. Strangers Again Release Date: 18 January 2023. Strangers Again Episodes: 12.

Strangers Again Detail

Drama: Strangers Again (2023)
Network: ENA
Director: Son Jae Gon
Writer: Park Jin Ri
Main Stars: Kang So Ra, Jang Seung Jo, Jo Eun Ji
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 18 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 18 January 2023-23 February 2023
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Can I Be Someone Else? , Nami Doel Su, 남이 될 수 있을까?, Can We Be Strangers? 2023

Strangers Again Synopsis and Plot Summary

Gracious Ha Ra is a superstar separate from attorney whose epithet in legitimate circles is “the “goddess of prosecution.” One reason she is such a spot hand at separate from procedures, maybe, is the way that she has separated from her long-lasting sweetheart and individual attorney Goo Eun Beom. However, her moderately predictable life is flipped around when she is suddenly rejoined with her ex – in the law courts!

The team is compelled to cooperate – driving them to clash and reignite past complaints. While their impressive skill keeps them from letting each know other their thought process openly, tempers start to fray…and risk bubbling over. The strained climate isn’t feeling better in that frame of mind by individual separation legal counselors Kang Bi Chwi and Kwon Si Wook, one more sets of backers who generally appear to get under each other’s skin! Will Cupid salvage this gathering of legal advisors – or will mayhem loosen up in the court?

Strangers Again Cast

Kang So Ra as Oh Ha Ra

Jang Seung Jo as Goo Eun Beom

Jo Eun Ji as Kang Bi Chwi

Lee Jae Won as Kwon Si Wook

Mu Jin Sung as Min Jae Gyeom

Kil Hae Yeon as Hong Yeo Rae

Jeon Bae Soo as Seo Han Gil

Kim Ro Sa as Jeon Min Kyung

Additional Cast

Shin Joo Hyup as Sung Chan Young

Park Jung Won as Ki Seo Hee

Min Chae Min as Ji Ye Seul

Yeon Je Wook as Shim Jae Hyeok

Jeon Ik Ryung as Kim Ga Eun

Jin Ye Sol as Ji Hye

Han Joo Hyun as Jung Da Wool

Park Yong Woo as Han Do Woon

Jung Yoo Mi as Na Soo Yeon

Yu Bee as Manager Lee Dong Hyeon

Jung Hyun Chul as Na Soo Yeon’s lawyer

Kim Gye Seon as Psychiatrist

Yeo Woon Bok as Judge

Park Jin Young as Interviewer

Kim Kyung Ran as TV program host

Lee Hyun Jung as TV program guest

Moon Hak Jin as Ku Eun Beom’s university friend

Choi Kwon as Kim Mu Jin

Song Yo Sep as Kim Mu Jin’s lawyer

Park Sung Hyun as Jeong Joon Kyung

Jang Joon Ho as Judge

Jo Eun Joo as Counselor

Lee Ji Ha as Oh Ha Ra’s mother

Lee Jae Eun as Oh Ha Ra’s aunt

Ok Joo Ri as Oh Ha Ra’s aunt

Kim Nam Jin as Ki Seo Hee’s mother

Park Ji Il as Oh Dae Hwan Oh Ha Ra’s father

Jeon Guk Hyang as Goo Eun Beom’s mother

Jeon Soo Kyung as Min Jung Yeon Min Jae Gyeom’s mother

Kwon Hyuk Soo as Moon Hyuk Soo

Lee Do Eun as Moon Sae Na

Kang Soo Young as Son Yong Shim

Gu Bon Jin as Park Seung Hwa’s lawyer

Lee Se Rang as Judge

Lee Da Kyung as Kim Young Bi

Choi Jung Hwa as Jin Yi

Choi Young Joon as Prosecutor Jin Won

Shin Yeon Suk as Judge

Yun Seo Jeong as Doctor

Kim Yong Ho as Detective

Yook Mi Ra as Oh Ha Ra’s aunt

Seo Byuk Joon as Lee Jung Soo

Kwak Myung Hwa as OB-GYN

Kim Young Mi as Ku Eun Beom’s mother Young

Ki Eun Yoo as Ku Eun Beom Child

Gi So Yoo as Ku Eun Beom’s sister

Lee Hye Eun as Kim Mi Ok

Shin Dam Soo as Judge

Kim So Yang as William’s lawyer

Woo Sung Eun as Nurse

Na Ho Won as Apartment security guard

Kim Hyun Woo as Ku Eun Beom’s friend

Hwang Sung Bin as Kim Ga Ram

Kim Ha Kyung as Mi Hyang

Bae Eun Young as Support Role

Kim Dong Hyun as Joo Sung Yoon

Jung Hyun Seok as Dr. Kang Hee Jin

Bruno Bruni as William

Lee Ji Myeong as School girl

Kim Gook Hee as Lawyer Han Go Eun

Lee Ha Joo as Goo Eun Beom’s staff

Yoo Ji Hoo as Yim Sang Eun

Jung So Yong as Judge

Kim Hwa Joong as Park Seung Hwa

Yeom Seung Yi as Sun Hyo Jung

Lee Jun I as PD Woo

Yoo Geum as Ha Ra’s aunt

Strangers Again Trailer

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