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Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

Angel's Last Mission: Love (2019)
Angel's Last Mission: Love (2019)

L, Shin Hye Sun are the main cast of Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019). This is one of the heart touching Korean Drama Series. If you love to watch emotional, Sad and Dramatic TV Series then I suggest you watch this. This Drama is looking really amazing because of the quality content.

A girl name Shin Hye Sun who face many problems in their life. Her father died that’s why she feels sad and always looking like emotional. She don,t like to meet boys, girls, and don,t like to make friends. She just joins a dancing club where she dances like a Queen.

This is one of the best Korean Drama in 2019. If you are looking at the new content full of emotional dramatic scenes then this drama is for you. A man Lee Dong Gun likes Shin Hye Sun so much but she feels not good with him. He tries to convince their money. But she dons,t like him.

L & Shin Hye Sun fall in love

Kim Dan (L) is a young man who is tasked with a mission. He tries to find a beautiful and emotional, careful girl for him but he is so sad because of the don,t find that girl. Then once he was going to see dance in the club. Kim Dan says a girl who is looking very beautiful. He falls in love with her.

He tries to make friends with her but Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) is unable to love anyone because of her father’s sudden death. This is really sad for her but She tries to make happy. After sometime. Kim Dan again says to her and he told her about friendship. She dons,t answer properly.

Kim Dan finally friendship with Lee Yeon Seo. Both are looking very happy but after some time, Lee Dong Gun who tries to make her girlfriend but she refused his offer, is trying to fight his friend Kim Dan. But Lee Yeon Seo is decided to friendship with Kim Dan. Both are like each other. This is just amazing Drama.

After sometime ago, Both are fall in love with each other and tries to be happy but this is a really big problem because Lee Yeon Seo’s mother don,t like him but both are happy then After few days, Both are decided to marry. I really like this story. I hope you will enjoy after watching this Korean Drama.

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