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Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020)

Mystic Pop-Up Bar cast: Hwang Jung-Eum, Yook Sung-Jae, Choi Won-Young. Mystic Pop-Up Bar Release Date: 20 May (2020). Mystic Pop-Up Bar Episodes: 12.
Mystic Pop-Up Bar cast: Hwang Jung-Eum, Yook Sung-Jae, Choi Won-Young. Mystic Pop-Up Bar Release Date: 20 May (2020). Mystic Pop-Up Bar Episodes: 12.

Overall: Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a Korean Drama (2020). Mystic Pop-Up Bar cast: Hwang Jung-Eum, Yook Sung-Jae, Choi Won-Young. Mystic Pop-Up Bar Release Date: 20 May (2020). Mystic Pop-Up Bar Episodes: 12.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar Detail

Drama: Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020)
Network: jTBC, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
Directors: Jun Chang Geun
Writer: Ha Yoon Ah
Main Stars: Hwang Jung-Eum, Yook Sung-Jae, Choi Won-Young
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 20 May 2020
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Aired: 20 May 2020 -25 June 2020
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: Ssang Gap Pocha, Ssanggabpocha, Two Tops Pocha, Two-Way Pocha, Twin Pub, Ssanggab Cart Bar, Double Decker Carriage, Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020), 쌍갑포차

Mystic Pop-Up Bar Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Spiritualist Pop-Up Bar” depends on a well-known webtoon of a similar name and recounts to the narrative of a secretive Pojangmacha (open-air drinking foundation) run by a thorny lady and an honest part-clock who visit clients in their fantasies to help settle their issues.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar Cast

Hwang Jung-Eum as Wol-Ju
Yook Sung-Jae as Han Kang-Bae
Choi Won-Young as Manager Gwi
Yoo Sung Joo as Chairman Choi / Magistrate past

Jung Da-Eun as Kang Yeo-Rin
Park Ha-Na as Song Mi-Ran
Park Joo-Hyung as Assistant Manager Park
Ahn Tae-Hwan as Choi Jin-Dong
Na Seung-Ho as Ma Seung-Ho

Kim Yong-Geon as Chairman
Park Young-Soo as Mr. Jang
Hwang Hyo-Eun as Ms. Kim
Kim Mi-Kyung as Lee Jeom-Rye
Kim Jae-Chul as a shoplifter
Choi Dae Hoon as Jang Bok Su Gambler

Lee Joon-Hyuk as Department Head Yeom
Yum Hye-Ran as Yeomradaewang
Baek Do-Gyum as Department Head Yeom’s assistant
Oh Young-Sil as Samson
Han So-Eun as Shin Bo-Ra
Yeom Hye Ran as Yeomra-Daewang God of Underworld

Baek Ji-Won as Ms. Andong
Kwak Sun-Young as Eun-Su
Oh Kyung-Joo as Park Byeong-Jae
Oh Man-Seok as Oh Sang-Gun
Lee Ji-Hyun as Jin-suk
Na In Woo as Kim Won Hyung
Kang Hyung Suk as Park Byeong Jae’s acquaintance

Lee Seo-An as Chae Su-Gyeong
Kwon Oh-Kyung as single guy customer
Shin Hyun-Soo as Kim Do-Yeong
Moon Jeong-Hee as Hyeon-Ok
Park Eun-Hye as Shin Ji-Hye
Choi Won Young as Chef Gwi

Park Seung-Tae as a grandmother with eggs
Bae Bo-Ram as customer #36
Yang Dae-Hyeok as rude pork sample guy
Ok Joo-Ri as shopper chasing Han Kang-Bae
Seo Wang-Suk as gangster returning item
Lee Joon Hyuk as Department head Yeom Grim reaper

Park Si-Eun as Wol-Ju
Kim Hee-Jung as Wol-Ju’s mother
Song Geon-Hee as Crown Prince Yi Hon
Park Eun-Hye as Queen
Kim Young-Ah as Court Lady Han
Kwak Sun Young as Eun Su / Sun Hwa Eun Su’s real mother

Lee Young-Jin as relative of ill grandmother
Hong Boo-Hyang as local villager
Park Eun-Young as local villager
Choi Gyo-Sik as local villager
Yu Seong-Ju as local governor
Cha Mi Kyung as Lee Jum Rye Jin Dong’s grandmother

Lee Sang-Hwa as Heungbu
Hwang Bo-Ra as Chun-Hyang
Kang You-Seok as Jin-tae
Lim Jae-Geun as Kapeul Mart Corporate Rep
Seo Ji-Hye as Han Kang-Bae’s dream girlfriend
Kim Mi Hwa as Health drink vendor

Kwak Sun-Young as Lee Sun-Hwa
Kang Shin-Chul as Ko Dong-Gil
Lee Seung-Chul as Ko Dong-Gil
Oh Ha-Nee as Yu-Mi
Yoo Yong as Park Byeong-Jae’s landlord

Kang Hyoung-Suk as Park Byeong-Jae’s acquaintance
Yu Seong-Ju as Chairman Choi
Lee Chang as a hotel manager
Kim Woo-Dam as job interviewee
Park Yong as a hotel executive

Bae Sung-Il as Gang Han Guard manager
Jung Jung-Ah as an upset diner
Kim Mi-Hwa as health drink vendor
Kwon Hyuk-Soo as a company executive
Baek Soo-Hee as Kim Da-Bin

Tae In-Ho as Kang In-Ho
Kim Yoon-Joo as dancewear employee
Ha Shi-Eun as The Gout Lovers
Yoon Park as The Gout Lovers
Ahn Soo-bin as Gyeong-A

Park Ok-Chool as a landlord
Uhm Hye-soo as a prospective tenant
Lee Sang-Hoon as a shaman
Kang Ro-Chae as shaman’s client
Jung Hee-Tae as Joo Sang-Cheol

Sung Min-Jun as Park Jun-U
Kim Seung-Chan as Park Jun-U
Kim Ji-Hoon as Han Kang-Bae
Kim Kyoung-Il as Han Kang-Bae’s adoptive father
So Chan-Whee as So Chan-Whee

Additional Cast Members

Lee Joo Shil as Lee Kkeut Sun Lee Jum Rye’s friend
Song Hoon as a convenience store manager
Lee Yoon-Sang as a father in the drama series
Jung Ji-Hyun as teacher

Mystic Pop-Up Bar trailer

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