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MINE (2021)

MINE cast: Lee Bo Young, Go So Young. MINE Release Date 8 May 2021. MINE Episode: 16.
MINE cast: Lee Bo Young, Go So Young. MINE Release Date 8 May 2021. MINE Episode: 16.

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Overall: MINE is a Korean Mystery, Romance, Drama (2021). MINE cast: Lee Bo Young, Go So Young. MINE Release Date 8 May 2021. MINE Episode: 16.

MINE Detail

Drama: MINE (2021)
Network: tvN
Director: Lee Na Jung
Writer: Baek Mi Kyung
Main Stars: Lee Bo Young, Go So Young
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 8 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 8 May 2021-27 June 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Beulludaia , Blue Diamond, 블루다이아 , 마인 , Mine, Main : MINE, Main, 마인: MINE, MINE 2021

MINE Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Mine” is set robust and formidable women who overcome the world’s prejudices as a way to discover their true selves.

Seo Hee Soo become a former pinnacle actress, however she gave up her career to marry the second son of Hyo Won Group. She does her best to suit in as a daughter-in-regulation of that own family. She acts expectantly all of the time to now not to lose her actual self.

Jung Seo Hyun, however, is married to the first son of the equal chaebol circle of relatives. She is also the daughter of a chaebol circle of relatives and is fashionable, shrewd, and also very rational.


Lee Bo-Young as Seo Hi-Soo
Kim Seo-Hyung as Jung Seo-Hyun
Lee Hyun-Wook as Han Ji-Yong
Jung Hyun-Joon as Han Ha-Joon
Park Hyuk-Kwon as Han Jin-Ho
Cha Hak-Yeon as Han Soo-Hyuk
Park Won-Suk as Yang Soon-Hye
Jeong Dong-Hwan as Chairman Han Suk-Chul
Kim Hye-Hwa as Han Jin-Hee
Jo Eun-Sol as Park Jung-Do
Ok Ja-Yeon as Kang Ja-Kyeong
Jung Yi-Seo as Kim Yu-Yeon
Park Sung Yun as Joo Min-Su
Lee Joong-Ok as Kim Seong-Tae
Jo Yun-Seo as Secretary Oh Soo-Young
Kim Nam-Jin as Ko Mi-Jin
Yoon Geumseona as Hwang Kyung-Hye
Song Young-A as maid
Son Hyun-Ji as Maid Ju-Hee
Kim Sang-Hoon as vocal coach
Lee Eun-Kang as Chef Jung
Lee Yoon-Jae as Attorney Choi Jin-Yeong
Kim Woo-Dam as Secretary Seo
Ma Jung-Pil as Secretary Cha
Lee Ho-Suk as Secretary Cho
Kim Jung-Suk as Chauffeur Kim
Kim Jin-Tae as Han Ji-Yong’s chauffeur
Song Kyung-Eui as Dr. Kim
Kim Soo-Hyun as pr team employee
Park Sang-Yong as attorney
Lee Suk-Goo as board of director
Song Seon-Mi as Gallery Director Seo Jin-Kyeong
Ahn Ji-Hye as deputy director
Kim Sun-Kyung as mother at Seo-Hyun Gallery
Jo Su-Bin as daughter at Seo-Hyun Gallery
Song Seung-Hwan as autistic teen artist
Ye Soo-Jung as Mother Emma
Kim Yoon-Ji as Jasmin
Oh Jung-Yeon as Mi-Joo
Kim Jung-Hwa as Suzy Choi
Jo Hye-Won as Jung Seo-Hyun young
Yoon Dong-Joo as Han Suk-Chul young
Choi Soo-Im as Kim Mi-Ja
Lee Chul as Reporter Yoon Suk-Ho
Park Na-Jin as reporter
Seo Sang-Won as reporter
Ki Hwan as Reporter Im Seong-Su
Jang Deok-Ju as fight organizer
Gil Geum-Sung as Kwak Su-Chang
Kim Dae-Han as fighter
Choi Hyun-Jin as Kim Yu-Yeon’s brother
Kwon So-Hyun as Ji-Won’s mother
Kim Ji-Woo as Ji-Won
Kwak Na-Yeon as maid for Ji Won’s family
Jin Yu-Chan as Ji-Won’s friend
Yoo Ah-Reum as student’s mother
Lim Hyang-Ju as student’s mother
Jang Ha-Eun as Rho A-Rim
Lee Dong-Kyu as JSH news announcer
Park Soo-Jin as doctor
Jung Yun-Ha as Chae-Young
Lee Ji-Hyun as Maid Jang Hye-Yeong
Kim Yool-Ho as horse riding coach
Lee Jae-Woo as jeweler
Lee Ga-Kyung as Kang Ja-Kyeong
Kim Hyo-Jin as Chairman Yang Chi-Gon’s wife
Kim Hee-Chang as Attorney Kim Nam-Tae
Seol Yoon-Hee as Jung Seo-Hyun’s acquaintance
Yun Ki-Chang as Attorney Hwang Bo-In
Kim Yong-Jin as AA counselor
Jung Soo-Han as AA member
Lim Jae-Myung as AA member
Jung Young-Do as veterinarian
Lee Woo-Shin as judge
Seo Sung-Jong as Detective Hwang Hyeong-Su
Oh Kyu-Taek as drama series staff
Kim Ha-Rin as designer
Ko Kyung-Man as priest

Additional Cast

Yoon Seo as Oh Soo Young

Ye Soo Jung as Mother Emma Nun

Cha Hak Yeon as Han Soo Hyuk Seo Hyun’s stepson

Oh Jung Yeon as Mi Joo

Jo Yoon Seo as Oh Soo Young | secretary

Jung Dong Hwan as Chairman Han Suk Chul

Song Sun Mi as Seo Jin Kyung Gallery director

Choi Young Joon as Detective Baek

Jun Jung Il as Desk HQ director

MINE Trailer

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