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I, the Executioner (2024)

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I, the Executioner is a Korean Action, Mystery, Movie (2024). I, the Executioner cast: Hwang Jung Min, Jung Hae In, Oh Dal Soo. I, the Executioner Release Date: 20 May 2024. The story is about detective serial killer.

I, the Executioner Detail

Movie: I, the Executioner (2024)
Director: Ryu Seung Wan
Writer: Ryu Seung Wan
Main Stars: Hwang Jung Min, Jung Hae In, Oh Dal Soo
Genres: Action, Mystery, Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 20 May 2024
Season: 1
Also Known As: Veteran 2, Beterang 2, 베테랑2, I, the Executioner 2024

I, the Executioner Synopsis and Plot Summary

I, the Executioner is an activity wrongdoing examination film in which the most youthful criminal investigator Park Seon-charm joins the brutal wrongdoing examination group of veteran Criminal investigator Website design enhancement Do-cheol.

Who gets trouble makers until the end, and seeks after a chronic executioner who created a commotion on the planet.

Honorary pathway in front of the 12 PM screening will be gone to by Hwang Jung-min, who plays Analyst Search engine optimization Do-cheol, Jung Hae-in, who plays the most youthful criminal investigator Park Seon-charm, and chief Ryu Seung-wan.

Jung-min Hwang offered his viewpoints, saying, “I’m cheerful and significant to have the option to present chief Seung-wan Ryu, who resembles a true to life friend, to crowds all over the planet.”

Jung Hae-in strolls honorary pathway at the Cannes Film Celebration without precedent for his life. Jung Hae-in said, “It is much more significant to have the option to remain on honorary pathway of the Cannes Movie Celebration without precedent for her existence with chief Ryu Seung-wan’s work.”

I, the Executioner Cast

Hwang Jung Min as Seo Do Cheol

Jung Hae In as Park Sun Woo

Oh Dae Hwan as Detective Wang

Kim Shi Hoo as Detective Yoon

Jang Yoon Ju as Miss Bong

Oh Dal Soo as Team Leader Oh

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