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WATCHER (2019)

WATCHER cast: Han Seok-Kyu, Seo Kang-Joon, Kim Hyun-Joo. WATCHER Release Date: 6 July 2019. WATCHER Episodes: 16.
WATCHER cast: Han Seok-Kyu, Seo Kang-Joon, Kim Hyun-Joo. WATCHER Release Date: 6 July 2019. WATCHER Episodes: 16.

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Overall: WATCHER is a Korean Thriller Drama (2019). WATCHER cast: Han Seok-Kyu, Seo Kang-Joon, Kim Hyun-Joo. WATCHER Release Date: 6 July 2019. WATCHER Episodes: 16.


Drama: WATCHER (2019)
Network: OCN
Directors: Ahn Gil-Ho
Writer: Han Sang-Woon
Main Stars: Han Suk-Kyu, Seo Kang-Joon, Kim Hyun-Joo
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 6 July 2019
Episodes: 6
Aired: 6 July 2019 – 25 August 2019
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Watchyeo, 왓쳐

WATCHER Synopsis and Plot Summary

The lives of Do Chi Gwang, Kim Young Koon, and Han Tae Joo were pulverized by a disaster. They became individuals from an interior issues examination group for the police and they attempt to uncover reality on who is behind the appalling episode.

Do Chi Gwang is a tip-top criminologist. He is astute and keen. He is additionally pleased with his record of getting lawbreakers. In the wake of experiencing a progression of cases, he understands the significance of work done by the police on defilement. Does Chi Gwang then become the head of the inward issues examination group?

Kim Young Koon is a cop and individual from the versatile watch group. He acts cold to others, yet he is really delicate with a warm character. He doesn’t connect with others. Coincidentally, he happens to meet Do Chi Gwang. Does Chi Gwang engaged in the grievous issue, which Kim Young Koon attempts to overlook? To discover reality behind that case, he joins the inner issues examination group.

Han Tae Joo is a famous attorney. From quite a while ago, she filled in as an examiner. She got caught for a situation startlingly and endure despite the fact that her life was in grave peril. She at that point quit her place of employment as an investigator and turned into a legal advisor. She meets Do Chi Gwang and Kim Young Koon and joins their inward issues group.


Han Seok-Kyu as Do Chi-Gwang
Seo Kang-Joon as Kim Young-Koon
Kim Hyun-Joo as Han Tae-Joo
Kim Seung Hyun as Trafficker

Heo Sung-Tae as Jang Hae-Ryong
Park Joo-Hee as Jo Soo-Yeon
Joo Jin-Mo as Park Jin-Woo
Kim Soo-Jin as Yeom Dong-Sook
Ahn Kil-Kang as Kim Jae-Myung
Seo Myung Chan as Corpse Gangster

Lee Jae-Yoon as Kim Kang-Wook
Jung Do-Won as Hong Jae-Sik
Kim Dae-Gun as Detective Chan-Hee
Won Gun-Su as detective 2
Park Hoon as Yoon Ji-Hoon

Jung Min-Sung as Son Byeong-Gil
Kim Dong-Hyun as Kim Sang-Joon
Chae Dong-Hyun as Lee Dong-Yoon
Yang Ye- Na as Yoon-Ji
Kim Yong-Ji as Lee Hyo-Jung
Jeon Jin Oh as Unknown

Park Sung-Il as Department Head Kim
Han Sang-Hoon as coroner
Shin Hyun Jong as Min Young-Ki
Jung Soon-Won as Jung Han-Wook
Yu Ha-Jun as Oh Sang-Do

Park Ji-Hoon as Park Si-Young
Lee Seung-Chul as Chairman Jung Seok-Tae
Shin Mun-Sung as Lee Joong-Ho
Park Mi Hyun as Young Goon’s mother
Kim Joo Yeon as Baek Song I

Additional Cast Members

Woo Jung-Won – Park Ji-Hyun
Lee Nam-Hee – Shin Woo-Sung
Jeon Suk-Chan – Kim Jo-Han
Kim Dan-Woo – A-Reum Son Byeong-Gil’s daughter
Moon Woo-Jin – Kim Young-Koon
Lee Eol – Jang Hyun-Goo
Yoo Jung-Ho – Park Jung-Geun
Kim Geon-U – Kim Cha-Hoon
Jang Eui-Don – patient
Yu Seung-Il – driving violator
Park Yong

WATCHER trailer

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