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Voice 2 (2018)

Voice 2 cast: Lee Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Yool. Voice 2 Release Date: 11 August 2018. Voice 2 episodes: 12.
Voice 2 cast: Lee Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Yool. Voice 2 Release Date: 11 August 2018. Voice 2 episodes: 12.

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Overall: Voice 2 is a Korean Thriller Drama (2018). Voice 2 cast: Lee Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Yool. Voice 2 Release Date: 11 August 2018. Voice 2 episodes: 12.

Voice 2 Detail

Drama: Voice 2 (2020)
Network: OCN
Director: Lee Seung Young
Writer: Ma Jin Won
Main Stars: Lee Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Yool
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 11 August 2018
Season: 1
Aired: 11 August 2018 – 16 September 2018
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Boiseu 2, 보이스 2, Voice 2 2018

Voice 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Listen intently, on the grounds that talented voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo is back. Working vigorously at the Emergency Call Center, she utilizes her top-notch hearing to spare lives and catch guilty parties. With regards to reacting to crises inside the imperative “brilliant time,” Kang Kwon Joo is basically the best.

Do Kang Woo is a strange man who’s ready to take advantage of the brain of a crook. He likewise conceals a mystery torment that he doesn’t impart to anybody. At the point when he meets Kang Kwon Joo, they hesitantly structure a group. She can hear wrongdoing; he can consider it. Together, they take on the most hazardous lawbreakers their city has ever observed.

Voice 2 Cast

Lee Ha-Na as Kang Kwon-Joo
Lee Jin-Wook as Do Kang-Woo
Kwon Yool as Bang Je-Soo
Son Eun-Seo as Park Eun-Soo
An Se-Ha as Kwak Dok-Ki
Cha Geon Woo as Commissioner Go

Kim Woo-Seok as Jin Seo-Yool
Yoo Seung-Mok as Na Hong-Soo
Kim Ki-Nam as Yang Choon-Byung
Kim Joong-Ki as Park Joong-Ki
Song Boo-Gun as Goo Gwang-Soo

So Hee-Jung as Moon Mi-Sook
Joo Min-Ha as An Hee-Jin
Kim Ik-Tae as Dr. Sung
Ryu Ye-Ri as Heo Soo-Ji
Yoon Byung-Hee as Kang Doo-Won
Shin Soo Oh as Guest Role

Jung Jin as Jang Soo-Bok
Lee Hae-Young as Jang Kyung-Hak
Yeon Je-Wook as Yeom Ki-tae
Lee Yoo-Mi as Hwang Hee-Joo
Heo Ji-Won as Kwak Min-Soo
Shin Hee Chul as Officer Kim

Lee Jung-Shin as Lee Jae-il
Jae Hee as Son Ho-Min
Kil Ha-Ra as Kim Yi-Seul
Kim Jong-Goo as Son Ho-Min’s father
Seo Gyung-Hwa as Son Ho-Min’s mother

Hwang Man Ik as Woo Hyun Sik
Oh Yoon-Hong as Choo Hye-Jung
Shin Hee-Chul as a police officer
Jeon Ik-Ryung as Bang Je-Soo’s mother
Seo Myung Chan as Police officer
Yoon Jong Goo as Jung Han Soo Witness

Additional Cast Members

Kim Hong-Pa as Eo Soo-Yul
Cha Min-Jee as Ko Ye-Ji
Yoon Byung-Hee as Kang Doo-Won
Kim Seo-Kyung as a Chinese restaurant delivery man
Yang Seung-Kul as marine police station chief
Kim Han-Joon as Ha Min-Hyuk
Yoo Hye-In as Jo A-Jin
Jo Ryun as Jo A-Jin’s aunt
Lee Sang-Yi as Big Nose
Kim Si-young as Hwang Mal-Soon
Yun Woon-Kyung as Won Soon-Hee
Eun Hae-Seong as Kang Sol
Kwon Hyuk-Hyun as Jeon Yong-Sik
Mi So-Yun as Ha Yi-Sun
Lee Soo-In as Agent Jung
Park Tae-Sung as Kang Jong-Suk Won Soon-Hee’s son
Park Ha-Joon as Bang Je-Soo
Park Eun-Seok as David Go
Kim Do-Hye as Mi-Ho
Lee Kwang-Se as Kim Sang-Goo
Na Seok-Min as golden time member
Park Sin-Un as a police officer
Ha Soo-Ho as study room hostage-taker
Hong Ru-Hyun as a reporter
Kang Ae-Shim as a fake doctor
Hong Kyung-In as Na Hyung-Joon
Jung Eun-Kyung as Oh Soon-I’m
Kim Seung-Jun as a bodyguard
Kim Mi-Hye as a reporter
Kim Jin as a Japanese girl’s mother
Ju Min-Chan as a police officer

Voice 2 trailer

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