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Universe Ticket Episode 1

Universe Ticket Episode 1 cast: Ryu Si On, Han Da Na, Won Seo Yeon. Universe Ticket Episode 1 Release Date: 18 November 2023.
Universe Ticket Episode 1 cast: Ryu Si On, Han Da Na, Won Seo Yeon. Universe Ticket Episode 1 Release Date: 18 November 2023.
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Universe Ticket is a Korean TV Show (2023). Universe Ticket Episode 1 cast: Ryu Si On, Han Da Na, Won Seo Yeon. Universe Ticket Episode 1 Release Date: 18 November 2023. Universe Ticket Total Episodes: 12.

Universe Ticket Episode 1 Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Universe Ticket” will follow the journey of 82 contestants that participate in a variety of missions to get a chance to make a splash as part of a worldwide K-Pop girls’ group.

Eight winners will be chosen to join a project girl group with a global audience and will have activities that take place both on the ground as well as beyond the real world.

All female contestants between the ages of 10 and 19 are eligible to audition, regardless of nationality or trainee status.

The group that is selected will be scheduled to be promoted for a period of 2 years and six months. In addition, the name “The Miracle of 82′ is an inspiration from South Korea’s national calling code”+82”..

Lee Hwan Jin PD and F&F Entertainment plans on showcasing an auditions program targeted towards international audiences and the general public in South Korea and putting together a thriving girl group that is loved by everyone across the world and in the United States.

Universe Ticket Episode 1 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 1
Network: SBS
Main Stars: Ryu Si On, Han Da Na, Won Seo Yeon
Genres: TV Show
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 18 November 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 12
Episode Number: 1
Also Known As: Universe Ticket Episode 1 Season 1, Universe Ticket Epi 1, 유니버스 티켓

Universe Ticket Episode 1 Cast

Kim Se Jeong as Judge

Kim Hyo Yeon as Judge

Younha as Judge

ADORA as Judge

Choi Ri An as Judge

Nana as Contestant

Yukino as Contestant

Choi Hye Rin as Contestant

Oukikk Thitirat Ngamchicharoen as Contestant

Kwon Chae Won as Contestant

May as Contestant

Lim Seo Won as Contestant

Jeon Ji Eun as Contestant

Belle as Contestant

Lee Sun Woo as Contestant

Park Ye Won as Contestant

Bae Ye Ram as Contestant

Bae Ha Ram as Contestant

Laura as Contestant

Nako as Contestant

An Xin Mi Er as Contestant

Gabi as Contestant

Riel as Contestant

Yoo Ye Na as Contestant

Noh Yeon Woo as Contestant

Alyssa as Contestant

Gehlee Dangca as Contestant

Natchayathorn as Contestant

Jang Min Ju as Contestant

Jessica as Contestant

Yona as Contestant

Elisia as Contestant

Idota Yui as Contestant

Zhou Jia Qi as Contestant

Zhou Xiao Yu as Contestant

Fujiyoshi Kotoko as Contestant

Vanesya as Contestant

Hwang Si Eun as Contestant

Enny as Contestant

Aya Natsumi as Contestant

Vu Linh Dan as Contestant

Kim So Yul as Contestant

Minari as Contestant

Mila as Contestant

Bang Yun Ha as Contestant

Kim Hyo Jin as Contestant

Yamaguchi Yuriko as Contestant

Oh Yoon A as Contestant

Yuri as Contestant

Kim Seo Yeon as Contestant

Yang Eugene as Contestant

Nizi as Contestant

Kim Soo Bin as Contestant

Park Ye Hyeon as Contestant

Kim Hye Mi as Contestant

Ahn Seung Bi as Contestant

Oh Da Eun as Contestant

Kwon Eun Hyung as Contestant

Kim Chae A as Contestant

Jeong Hui Gyeong as Contestant

Jung Ji Won as Contestant

Cho Chae Young as Contestant

Choi Yeo Jin as Contestant

Kwon Ye Jin as Contestant

Kim Su Min as Contestant

Kim Su Jin as Contestant

Lee Eun Chae as Contestant

Kim Yu Ri as Contestant

Heo Sun Bin as Contestant

Cho Min Seo as Contestant

Kim Chae Won as Contestant

Narumi as Contestant

Jang Su A as Contestant

Lee Soo Vin as Contestant

Lee Su An as Contestant

Jang Su Bin as Contestant

Jeon Jin Yeong as Contestant

Choi Sung Eun as Contestant

Lee Hu Ran as Contestant

Honma Yuriko as Contestant

Pia as Contestant

Yoon Soo In as Contestant

Oshiro Jayla as Contestant

Lee Jin E as Contestant

Goo Gyo Ryeon as Contestant

Yu Kawasaki as Contestant

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