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Today’s Webtoon (2022)

Today's Webtoon cast: Kim Se Jeong, Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon Su. Today's Webtoon Release Date: 29 July 2022. Today's Webtoon Episodes: 16.
Today's Webtoon cast: Kim Se Jeong, Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon Su. Today's Webtoon Release Date: 29 July 2022. Today's Webtoon Episodes: 16.
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Overall: Today’s Webtoon is a Korean Comedy, Drama (2022). Today’s Webtoon cast: Kim Se Jeong, Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon Su. Today’s Webtoon Release Date: 29 July 2022. Today’s Webtoon Episodes: 16.

Today’s Webtoon Detail

Drama: Today’s Webtoon (2022)
Network: SBS
Director: Jo Soo Won
Writer: Lee Jae Eun
Main Stars: Kim Se Jeong, Choi Daniel, Nam Yoon Su
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 29 July 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 29 July 2022-17 September 2022
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Oneuleui Webtun, 오늘의 웹툰, Today’s Webtoon 2022

Today’s Webtoon Synopsis and Plot Summary

When an individual from the National Judo Team, On Ma Eum’s whole life rotated around the game. However, when an extreme coordinate leaves her with a torn lower leg tendon, she’s compelled to look as every last bit of her fantasies about going on in the game disintegrate around her. With her vocation as an expert judoka now completely finished, Ma Eum should figure out how to get herself and continue on.

With next to no kind of dream to drive her, Ma Eum isn’t entirely certain what to do straightaway. Taking her first non-sports-related work working in a webtoon publication division, Ma Eum finds it hard to change. Unfit to connect with her collaborators, Ma Eum experiences difficulty fitting in as her life as a competitor has left her a little unpleasant around the edges. Past that, the work she’s been relegated simply isn’t what she’s utilized to. Attempting to adjust to her new life, Ma Eum contemplates whether she’ll at any point figure out how to be content once more.

Luckily, with the progression of time and a little assistance from her collaborators, Koo Jun Yeong and Seok Jin Hyung, Ma Eum starts to end up leisurely sinking into her new life. As the battles in her day to day existence start to disseminate, Ma Eum ends up going after another fantasy. The main inquiry is, will she have the strength she wants to transform that fantasy into a reality?

Today’s Webtoon Cast

Kim Se Jeong as On Ma Eum

Choi Daniel as Seok Ji Hyung

Nam Yoon Su as Goo Jun Yeong

Ko Chang Seok as On Gi Bong

Jang Sung Yoon as Lee Woo Jin

Kim Gab Soo as Baek Eo Jin

Son Dong Woon as Oh Yoon

Nam Bo Ra as Jang Hye Mi

Park Ho San as Jang Man Cheol

Additional Cast

Im Chul Soo as Na Gang Nam

Yoon Seo Ah as On Noo Ri

Ha Yul Ri as Bbomm Author

Ha Do Gwon as Heo Gwan Young

Baek Suk Kwang as Lim Dong Hee

Hwang Young Hee as Hwang Mi Ok

Jin Ye Sol as Ji Han Seul

Yang Hyun Min as Kwon Young Bae Planning dept

Kang Rae Yeon as Ki Yoo Mi Planning dept.

Ahn Tae Hwan as Choi Du Hee Planning dept.

Kim Do Hoon as Shin Dae Ryuk Writer

Jeon Hye Yeon as Gu Seul A Writer

Baek Joo Hee as Yoon Tae Hee

Hwang Hee as Gyu Jin

Lee Soo Jin as Herself

Monday as Herself

Park So Eun as Herself

Lee Jae Hee as Herself

Jihan as Herself

Zoa as Herself

Shin Ji Yoon as Herself

Lee Dal as Vlogger

Cha Yoo Joo as Info Desk staff

Kim Kwang Sub as Camp attendee

Dok Ko Kwang as Job interviewer

Kim Min So as Award show attendee

Kim Min Seok as Award show security staff

Yaongyi as Webtoon artist

Park Tae Joon as Webtoon artist

Today’s Webtoon Trailer

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