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The Veil (2021)

The Veil cast: Namgoong Min, Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun. The Veil Release Date: 17 September 2021. The Veil Episodes: 12.
The Veil cast: Namgoong Min, Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun. The Veil Release Date: 17 September 2021. The Veil Episodes: 12.

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Overall: The Veil is a Korean Drama (2021). The Veil cast: Namgoong Min, Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun. The Veil Release Date: 17 September 2021. The Veil Episodes: 12.

The Veil Detail

Drama: The Veil (2021)
Network: MBC
Director: Kim Sung Yong
Writer: Park Seok Ho
Main Stars: Namgoong Min, Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun
Genres: Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 17 September 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 17 September 2021-23 October 2021
Aired On:  Friday, Saturday
Also Known As: The Black Sun , Black Sun , Geomeuntaeyang , Geomeun Taeyang , 검은태양, 검은 태양, The Veil 2021

The Veil Synopsis and Plot Summary

A Korean-style secret agent research show with a story about a top National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. In his endeavor to discover the inner traitor that delivered him to his downfall, he confronts a much bigger enemy behind the employer.

Han Ji Hyuk is the top discipline agent in the NIS. He is held in awe via his colleagues for his perfect document and ability at completing missions. He had been riding an organized crime syndicate right into a nook whilst he vanished off the face of the earth, but he returns a 12 months later to shake up the syndicate another time.

Seo Soo Yeon is the top of team 4 of the Crime Information Center who is extremely good at performing her responsibilities and fixing instances. She has superb affection for people, and he or she particularly cares for her teammates.

The Veil Cast

Namgoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk
Park Ha Sun as Seo Soo Yeon
Kim Ji Eun as Yoo Je Yi
Jang Young Nam as Do Jin Suk NIS overseas division deputy director
Kim Jong Tae as Kang Pil Ho NIS overseas division director
Kim Do Hyun as Ha Dong Gyun NIS crime info integration center team 1
Kwon So Hyun as Goo Hyo Eun NIS field support team member
Lee Kyung Young as Lee In Hwan NIS domestic division deputy director
Kim Min Sang as Jeong Yong Tae NIS director
Kim Byung Gi as Bang Young Chan NIS director
Yoo Oh Sung as Baek Mo Sa
Hyun Bong Shik as Chun Myung Ki NIS server management agent
Jung Ji Yoon as Kim Yeo Jin NIS psychologist
Hwang Hee as Oh Kyung Seok NIS ‘Black Sheep’ team agent
Jo Bok Rae as Kim Dong Wook NIS ‘Black Sheep’ team agent
Ok Ja Yeon as Lin Wei China Ministry of State Security agent
Jung Moon Sung as Jang Chun Woo
Yeo Woon Bok as Doctor
Lee Moo Nyoung as Taxi driver
Hong Suk Bin as Psychiatrist
Im Dong Min as Coast guard
Kwon Oh Jin as Boat surgeon
Park Young Bok as Father stowaway
Im Chae Sun as Boat crew member
Seo Yeon Woo as Daughter stowaway
Park Jin Woo as Cha Min Cheol NIS field support team member
Shin Hee Gook as Kim Jin Ho
Song Yo Sep as Detective
Yong Jin as Detective
Lee Ji Young as Detective
Yoo Soon Chul as Chemist
Lee Yong Yi as Choon Gil’s aunt
Son Sang Gyu as Choi Il Rak
Ki Hwan as Jang Ho Sung
Lee So Geum as Mr. Kim
Kim Byung Chul as Agent
Kim Tae Hoon as Network administrator
Moon Hak Jin as Network administrator
Park Won Sang as Nam Seon Woo
Sung No Jin as Hwang Mo Sul
Lee Jae Kyoon as Lee Choon Gil
Ahn Ji Ho as Choi Sang Gyun
Park Hyuk Kwon as Lee Myung Cheol
Shin Moon Sung as Jang Kwang Cheol
Ahn Jung Ho as Agent
Yang Taek Ho as Gang member

Additional Cast

Yoon Jong Goo as Detective

Choi Hee Jin as NIS Foreign Intelligence Bureau staff Coast guard

Lee Joon Hyuk as Planet Chairman

Baek Woo Young as Unknown

Kim Min Ki as Agent

Kim Ji Sung as Jung Ki Sun Reporter

The Veil Trailer

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10 months ago

do you know the name of the actor who played baek mo sa role in the past? like before traveling and disappearing

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