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The Matchmakers Episode 11

The Matchmakers Episode 11 cast: Rowoon, Jo Han Chul, Park Ji Young. The Matchmakers Episode 11 Release Date: 5 December 2023.
The Matchmakers Episode 11 cast: Rowoon, Jo Han Chul, Park Ji Young. The Matchmakers Episode 11 Release Date: 5 December 2023.
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The Matchmakers is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). The Matchmakers Episode 11 cast: Rowoon, Jo Han Chul, Park Ji Young. The Matchmakers Episode 11 Release Date: 5 December 2023. The Matchmakers Total Episodes: 16.

The Matchmakers Episode 11 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Sim Jung Woo a smart and beautiful young man.

He was the youngest person to be first in the examination of the state however he was chosen to be the bride’s husband.

In the wedding ceremony the princess died suddenly. Sim Jung Woo’s life was changed and he was the most unlucky person.

In accordance with the Joseon period customs that he’s not eligible to apply for the post of government and is not able to get married again.

He is then involved in a relationship with Jung Soon Deok. Jung Soon Deok is a widow whose husband died. He was one of two sons born to the former vice-premier.

She secretly lives another life, under the pseudonym Yeo Joo Daek.

In her role as Yeo Joo Daek’s manager, she is an matchmaker as well as a peddler of feminine items such as accessories and cosmetics.

She is the most successful matchmaker in Hanyang, the capital of Hanyang.

Sim Jung Woo, and Jung Soon Deok become involved with each other, and they attempt to convince older singles and couples to get married as matchmakers.

The Matchmakers Episode 11 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 11
Network: KBS2
Main Stars: Rowoon, Jo Han Chul, Park Ji Young
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 5 December 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 16
Episode Number: 11
Also Known As: The Matchmakers Epi 11 , The Matchmakers Episode 11 Season 1, 혼례대첩

The Matchmakers Episode 11 Cast

Rowoon as Shim Jung Woo

Jo Han Chul as King

Park Ji Young as Park So Hyun | Soon Deok’s mother-in-law

Lee Hae Young as Jo Young Bae | Soon Deok’s father-in-law

Jung Shin Hye as Maeng Ha Na | Eldest daughter of Maeng’s sister

Park Ji Won as Maeng Du Ri | Second daughter of Maeng’s sister / “Mak De Nyeo”

Choi Hee Jin as Mrs. Jo | Mother of the three daughters

Cho Yi Hyun as Jung Soon Deok

Jin Hee Kyung as Queen

Jung Bo Min as Maeng Sam Soon | Third daughter of Maeng’s sister

Oh Ye Ju as Jo Ye Jin | Soon Deok’s sister-in-law

Park Hwan Hee as Yeo Joo Daek | Owner of Hongwol Gaekju

Heo Nam Jun as Jung Soon Goo

Son Sang Yeon as Lee Shi Yeol | Eldest grandson of Sungkyunkwan Daeseong family

Choi Kyung Hoon as Yoon Boo Gyeom | Jo Ye Jin’s brother

Kim Dong Ho as Ahn Dong Gun | Slave

Seo Jin Won as Do Seung Jo | Chief Royal secretary

Jung Seung Kil as Hong Cheon Soo \ Head of Hongwol Gaekju

Lee Soon Won as Park Bok Gi

Kim Da Hwin as Kim Moon Gun

Woo Hyun Joo as Mrs. Jung | Lee Shi Yeol’s mother

Park Hyun Jung as Park Sook Ui

Kim Jae Cheol as Yoo Eui Won | Oriental medical doctor

Kim Ga Young as Sam Wol’s mother

Kim Hyun Mok as Kim Oh Bong

Bang Eun Jung as Gae Dong I | Soon Deok’s maid

Bae Yeon Kyung as Guest Role

Lee Ye Joo as Bok Hee

Park Bo Bae as Jeon Ju Daek

Jung Ji Ahn as Ma San Daek

Jung Woo Jae as Kim Jib

Bin Chan Uk as Heo Sook Hyun

Hong Dong Young as Crown Prince Lee Jae

Yoon Yeo Won as Jo In Kook

Kim Si Woo as Jo Geun Seok

Lee Sang Goo as Sim Jin Ho

Kim Yeon Woo as Sim Myung Woo

Bae Yeon Kyung as Guest Role

Lee So E as Gae Seong Daek | Youngest member of Bangmul Merchant’s sign room

Jang Hye Jin as Nobleman Song’s wife

Lee Ye Joo as Bok Hee

Hwiyoung as Jwarang Lee

Park Sung Jin as Jo In Hyun

Jung Hyun Woo as Royal Secretariat official

Choi Ga In as Fabric merchant

Kim Moon Chan as Court official

Kim Il Hyun as Servant

Lee Ji Hyun as Madam

Kim Jung Yeon as Lee

Ko Deok Won as Han Jong Bok

Kwak Jin as Man with Hong Cheon-Soo

Im Yong Soon as Dohwaseo painting professor

Heo Seon Haeng as Jangakwon musician

Kim Eun Kyung as Chief Royal Secretary’s wife

Kim Joon Hyung as Capital District officer

Lee Hyun as Onlooker

Kim Jae Man as Powder man

Lee Na Ra as Head shaman

Min Sang Woo as Official

Ko Na Young as Petitioner’s drum onlooker

Jo Young Mi as Petitioner’s drum onlooker

Kim Jong Ho as Potter

Ko Ha Eun as Crown Prince’s court maid

Lee Jae Soon as Ms. Seo

Ma Jung Pil as Physician

Lee Seung Joon as Eunuch

Jang Woo Jun as Eunuch boy

Choi In Sun as Court lady

Roh Eun Jung as Vendor

Kyung Ki Hyun as Servant

Jeon Bong Seok as Kim Ho

Kim Tae Bin as Myung Woo’s son

Kim Gun Soo as Silkworm poison buyer

Kim Deok Ju as Defense Minister Park’s mother

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