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Suits (2018)

Suits cast: Jang Dong-Gun, Park Hyung-Sik, Jin Hee-Kyung. Mistress Suits Date: 25 April 2018. Suits episodes: 16.
Suits cast: Jang Dong-Gun, Park Hyung-Sik, Jin Hee-Kyung. Mistress Suits Date: 25 April 2018. Suits episodes: 16.

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Overall: Suits is a Korean Drama (2018). Suits cast: Jang Dong-Gun, Park Hyung-Sik, Jin Hee-Kyung. Mistress Suits Date: 25 April 2018. Suits episodes: 16.

Suits Detail

Drama: Suits (2018)
Network: KBS2
Director: Kim Jin Woo
Writer: Kim Jung Min
Main Stars: Jang Dong-Gun, Park Hyung-Sik, Jin Hee-Kyung
Genres: Action, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 25 April 2018
Season: 1
Aired: 25 April 2018-13 July 2018
Aired on: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: Shootseu, 슈츠,Suits 2018

Suits Tomorrow Synopsis and Plot Summary

Superstar legal counselor Choi Kang Seok is known as the most gifted nearer at the esteemed Kang and Ham Law Firm. Go Yeon Woo has a photographic memory and a high IQ. Having longed for turning into a legal advisor since losing his folks as a little youngster, he read for and aced the bar under a bogus name, however, he never figured out how to pay for graduate school. Because of his poor foundation, he maintains odd sources of income to get by and endeavor to stay aware of his grandma’s emergency clinic bills.

At the point when Attorney Choi is elevated to senior accomplice, he’s disclosed to it’s the ideal opportunity for him to employ a lesser, which he’s never needed to do. However, in a possible meeting, he meets Go Yeon Woo, who’s only avoiding police by acting like a candidate from a top graduate school. Choi Kang Seok learns reality however is so intrigued with his exceptional splendor and character, he chooses to incidentally enlist him regardless of having no real permit to specialize in legal matters. Choi Kang Seok’s crazy bet could put his own vocation in peril, however, he rapidly becomes joined to the youngster, who constantly shows his determination and inventiveness one case at a time case.

Suits Cast

Jang Dong-Gun as Choi Kang-Seok
Park Hyung-Sik as Go Yeon-Woo
Jin Hee-Kyung as Kang Ha-Yeon
Chae Jung-An as Hong Da-Ham
Ko Sung-Hee as Kim Ji-Na
Lee Shi Won as Se Hee

Choi Gwi-Hwa as Chae Geun-Sik
Lee Sang-Yi as Cheol-Soon
Lee Si-Won as Se-Hee
Lee Yi-Kyung as Park Joon-Pyo
BewhY as Rapper BewhY
Nam Ki Ae as CEO Shim
Go Sung Hee as Kim Ji Na

Jang Shin-Young as Na Joo-Hee
Son Sook as CEO Bae
Jung Ae-Youn as Sung Yoo-Jin
Kwon Hyuk as Nam Myung-Hak
Kim Young-Ho as Ham Ki-Taek
Jung Jong Woo as Boss Jo’s man

Son Yeo-Eun as Kim Moon-Hee
Son Seok-Koo as David Kim
Jang In-Sub as Jang Seok-Hyun
Park Shin-Woo as Han Sung-Tae
Choi Yu-Hwa as Jay
Ye Soo Jung as Yun Woo’s grandmother

Kim Ri-Na as Prosecutor An
Jeon No-Min as Oh Byung-Wook
Jang Yoo-Sang as Park Joon-Kyu
Lee Soo-In as Lee Jung-In
Kim Sun-Kyung as Kim Ji-Na’s mother

Additional Cast Members

Hwang Tae-Kwang as Lawyer Hwang
Lee Tae-Sun as Lawyer Seo
Ye Soo-Jung as Yeon-Woo’s grandmother
Kim Jong-Goo as CEO Park
Lee A-Jin as CEO Bae’s daughter-in-law
Seo Yoon-A as Yoon Se-Mi
Nam Gi-Ae as CEO Sim
Lee Jung-Hyuk as Kim Jin-Kyu
Lee Ji-Eun as Kang A-Young
Jo Seung-Yeon as Prosecutor Heo Jung
Sung Ki-Yoon as Hong Jae-Deok
Kang Hyun-Jung as Detective Lee Mi-Do
Son Kyoung-Won as Han Yoo-Suk
Park Mi-Sook as Jeon Mi-Ju
Byun Gun-Woo as Se-Hee’s ER doctor
Jung Doo-Kyum as judge
Kim Ga-Young as judge
Kang Moon-Kyung as judge
Seo Kwang-Jae as judge
Heo Woong as detective

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