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Song Han Gyeom (송한겸)

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Song Han Gyeom Synopsis and Plot Summary

Song Han Gyeom, formerly known as A-Day, is part of Spire Entertainment’s Boy group Omega X debuted on June 30th 2021. Also, he was one of the former members of the boy group Seven O’Clock.

He was part of JTBC’s survival programme “Mixnine”. Song was declared to be ranked 6. in the male team. Song was later named as the winner and a part of the team which was the first to make his appearance.

In October 2022, a film that showed the OMEGAX CEO that was being abused by his fellow members and was exposed.

After the release of additional videos and evidence was released the members of the group went on the streets in order to sue their own company in order to stop exclusive agreements and obtain the trademark to represent their group name.

In January of 2023 OMEGA X prevailed in the court and a settlement was signed in 2023, along with Spire Entertainment.

On May 8th, 2023 OMEGA X made a post on Instagram to announce that they had reached an agreement to renew their agreement together with SPIRE Entertainment after they mutually came to an agreement to end their exclusive contract along with any other disputes.

On the 3rd day of July 2023, it was announced the fact that OMEGA X has signed an agreement with IPQ Entertainment.


First Name: Han Gyeom
Native Name: 송한겸
Also Known as: Song Hangyeom, 에이데이, A-Day, Song Yeon Geun
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: 17 July 1996
Age: 27

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