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Sell Your Haunted House (2021)

Sell Your Haunted House cast: Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Hong Suk. Sell Your Haunted House Release Date: 14 April 2021. Sell Your Haunted House Episodes: 16.
Sell Your Haunted House cast: Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Hong Suk. Sell Your Haunted House Release Date: 14 April 2021. Sell Your Haunted House Episodes: 16.
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Overall: Sell Your Haunted House is a Korean Comedy, Drama (2021). Sell Your Haunted House cast: Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Hong Suk. Sell Your Haunted House Release Date: 14 April 2021. Sell Your Haunted House Episodes: 16.

Sell Your Haunted House Detail

Drama: Sell Your Haunted House (2021)
Network: KBS2
Director: Park Jin Suk
Writer: Ha Soo Jin
Main Stars: Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Hong Suk
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 14 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 14 April 2021-9 June 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: Great Real Estate , The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate , Daebak Real Estate , Real Estate Exorcism , Daebakbudongsan, 대박부동산, Sell Your Haunted House 2021

Sell Your Haunted House Synopsis and Plot Summary

A mysterious show about land dealers who exorcize and wipe out structures in which phantoms successive and individuals have kicked the bucket in.

Despite the fact that Daebak Land’s chief and exorcist Hong Ji Ah appears to be amazing with her excellence and knowledge, she’s really a hot-tempered exorcist whose clench hands precede her words. Her capacity to exorcize has been passed down from her mom.

Gracious In Bum is a scalawag who doesn’t put stock in phantoms however utilizes them to bring in cash. He has the ideal arrangement of abilities for a cheat, having the option to utilize his extraordinary perception and thinking abilities to decide the circumstances and end results just as future expectations for any circumstance. Hong Ji Ah will work with Gracious In Bum to settle the mystery behind her mom’s passing 20 years prior.

Sell Your Haunted House Cast

Jang Na-Ra as Hong Ji-A
Jung Yong-Hwa as Oh In-Bum
Kang Mal-Geum as Joo Hwa-Jung
Choi Woo-Sung as Hyung-Sik
Kang Hong-Suk as Heo Ji-Chul
Heo Dong-Won as Kim Tae-Jin
Yang Taek-Ho as Sun-Nyu
Seon Yool-Woo as Kim Tae-Jin’s subordinate
Ahn Kil-Kang as Do Hak-Sung
Lee Chae-Kyung as Secretary Choi Sun-Mi
Min Ku-Kyung as attorney
Baek Hyun-Joo as restaurant owner
Ahn Soo-Ho as restaurant owner
Jo Seung-Yeon as Jung Ji-Wook
Kim Sung-Bum as Kang Han-Suk
Kim Gwang-Sub as detective
Jang Eui-Don as police officer
Hong Dae-Sung as police officer
Gu Bon-Jin as police officer
Yoon Hwan as Detective Kang
Park Ki-Ryoong as chief
Seol Chang-Hee as police officer
Son Sung-Chan as politician
Lee Yoon-Sang as Assemblyman Han
Baek Eun-Hye as Hong Mi-Jin
Hwang Do-Yun as Hong Ji-A child
Park Han-Sol as Joo Hwa-Jung young
Kim Dae-Gon as Oh Sung-Sik
Ki Eun-Yoo as Oh In-Bum child
Sung Jeong-Seon as Jung Geum-Ja
Jeon Gyu-Il as Woo Yeon-Ho
Shin Yun-Sook as Woo Yeon-Ho’s wife
Choi Seung-Yoon as Nam Young-Do
Jung Soon-Won as Yang Woo-Jin
Seo Sang-Won as Yang Woo-Jin’s father
Song Hoon as Lee Kyung-Ae
Baek Ji-Won as Director Lee Eun-Hye
Ha Dong-Joon as Deputy Director Kwon
Kim Kwon as Director Lee Eun-Hye’s secretary
Im Ji-Kyu as Kim Byung-Ho
Kim Jin as Choi Ji-Won
Heo Sun-Haeng as building owner
Jung Ji-Hwan as prospective buyer
Kim Ji-Su as prospective buyer
Lee Jeong-Whee as gallery employee
Seo Jin-Won as Cho Hyun-Seo
Kang Hae-Ri as nurse
Kwon Hyuk-Soo as art collector
Park Yong as gala attendee
Nam Ki Ae as Joo Kyung-Hee
Kwon Dong-Ho as Hwang Jae-Woo
Kim Byeo-Ri as Hwang Ji-Yeon
Kim Moon-Ho as real estate agent
Kim Hak-Sun as Ahn Chang-Sub
Kim Jung-Young as Kim So-Min
Park Ji-Yeon as Park In-Sook
Park Ye-Young as Lee Sung-Sil
Lee Min-Jae as Han Dong-Hee
Jang Young-Hyeon as Ghost Chaser
Choi Gyo-Sik as dry cleaners owner
Cha Sang-Mi as restaurant owner
Ko Byung-Taek as mason
Lee Joo-Sil as Yoo Young-Soon
Yeo Mu-Yeong as Yoo Chul-Gu
Kim Sung-Hyo as Yoo Young-Soon young
Im Su-Hyung as Yoo Young-Sik young
Yeo Mu-Yeong as Yoo Young-Sik
Kim Ga-Young as Yoo Young-Soon’s daughter
Shin Dong-Ryuk as Yoo Young-Soon’s son
Kim Bi-Bi as Joon-Seo’s mother
Oh Ja-Hun as Joon-Seo
Lee Jin-Hee as Eun-Byeol’s mother
Park Jin-Soo as Eun-Byeol’s father
Park Ye-Rin as Eun-Byeol
Jung Ye-Na as Yoo-Ri
Kim Yong-Jin as apartment resident
Lim Jae-Geun as apartment resident
Lee Hyun-Seo as apartment renter
Ji-Woo as Bae Soo-Jung
Lee Seo-An as Lee Hyun-Ju
Park Sung-Il as Ma Kang-Tae
Moon Kyung-Min as building owner
Oh Kyung-Joo as Yang Chang-Hwa
Ji Sung-Geun as patient
Park Eun-Young as patient’s wife
Jung Young-Hoo as security guard
Bae Sung-Il as homeowner
Yoon Dae-Yul as Yoo Young-Jae
Lee Seo-Hwan as home owner
Lee Byeong-Cheol as neighborhood man
Kang Suk-Won as neighborhood man
Cha Sung-Je as boy hit with rock
Oh Kyu-Taek as convenience store passerby
Ko Dong-Eop as Na Sang-An
Kim Sung-Yong as Dr. Kim
Kim Mi-Kyung as CEO Yum
Kang Ji-Hoon as TV reporter

Additional Cast

Kim Kwang Sub as Detective

Ji Woo as Bae Soo Jung

Sell Your Haunted House Trailer

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