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Scandal (2024)

Scandal cast: Han Chae Young, Han Bo Reum, Choi Woong. Scandal Release Date: 17 June 2024. Scandal Episodes: 100.
Scandal cast: Han Chae Young, Han Bo Reum, Choi Woong. Scandal Release Date: 17 June 2024. Scandal Episodes: 100.
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Scandal is a Korean Romance, Mystery, Drama (2024). Scandal cast: Han Chae Young, Han Bo Reum, Choi Woong. Scandal Release Date: 17 June 2024. Scandal Episodes: 100. Moon Jung In married Baek Dong Ho so that he could get all of his wealth and left him with his entire assets.

Scandal Detail

Drama: Scandal (2024)
Network: KBS2
Director: Choi Ji Yeong
Writer: Hwang Soon Young
Main Stars: Han Chae Young, Han Bo Reum, Choi Woong
Genres: Romance, Mystery, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 17 June 2024
Season: 1
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 100
Also Known As: Seukaendeul, 스캔들, Scandal 2024

Scandal Synopsis and Plot Summary

It solves the game-changing embarrassing situation of a woman who was desperate to conquer the world as well as another who gambled in the hope of revenge.

Han Chae-youthful takes on the role of Moon Jeong-in who is the Chief of the creation-based organization Jeongin Diversion. It is a play about Jeongin, who is quickly married to the father of Baek Seol-ah all of her husband’s assets and transforms into the embodiment of her desires, rising to the rank of the chief of a creation company.

Her name changes from Moon Gyeong Sook to Moon Jeong-in. She then begins a new journey. Somewhere along the way she comes across Jin-ho, a website design enhancement an aspiring entertainer who closely resembles her greatest love and is then swept by a raging storm of fate.

In the video that was released today Han Chae-youthful is the star in the role of Moon Jeong-in, who is the president of a creative organization that demonstrates the attractiveness of a woman who is a of the night. She sported her glam with a striking red dress and a transparent outfit.

The group behind ‘Embarrassment’ was formed” stated “Han Chae-youthful who will play the role of Moon Jeong, in the play displays a high degree of likeness to the character and has poured her energies into filming.

The story of someone full of passion and intrigue will quickly capture the attention of those who are watching So if you’re not having trouble be sure to show a lot of curiosity and anticipation.

Scandal Cast

Han Chae Young as Moon Jeong In / Moon Gyung Sook

Lee Byung Joon as Min Tae Chang | Jeong in’s husband

Hwang Dong Joo as Park Il Jung | Seol Ah’s uncle

Jo Hyang Gi as Choi Mi Sun | Seol Ah’s aunt

Lee Sook as Nanda Park | Il Jung’s aunt

Lee Shi Eun as Lee Sun Ae | Hyun Woo and Sung Woo’s mother

Oh Young Joo as Go Eun Byul | Seol Ah’s assistant

Jin Joo Hyung as Kim Seok Gi | Jeong In entertainment’s planning dept. head

Jeon Seung Bin as Na Hyun Woo | Director

Shin Jun Chul as General Manager Pyo

Choi Ryeong as Baek Dong Ho

Kim Hong Pyo as Kwon Young Seok

Kim Jin Woo as Na Sung Woo | Hyun Woo’s younger brother

Choi Woong as Seo Jin Ho / Jung Woo Jin

Kim Gyu Seon as Min Joo Ryeon

Choi Sang A as Chief Oh

Han Bo Reum as Baek Seol Ah / Park Jin Kyung

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