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Queendom 2 (2022)

Queendom 2 Cast: Kim Tae Yeon, Lee Yong Jin, Hyolyn . Queendom 2 Release Date: 31 March 2022. Queendom 2 Episodes: 10.
Queendom 2 Cast: Kim Tae Yeon, Lee Yong Jin, Hyolyn . Queendom 2 Release Date: 31 March 2022. Queendom 2 Episodes: 10.

Overall: Queendom 2 is a Korean TV Show (2022). Queendom 2 Cast: Kim Tae Yeon, Lee Yong Jin, Hyolyn . Queendom 2 Release Date: 31 March 2022. Queendom 2 Episodes: 10.

Queendom 2 Detail

TV Show: Queendom 2 (2022)
Network: Mnet
Main Stars: Kim Tae Yeon, Lee Yong Jin, Hyolyn
Country: South Korea
Genres: Crime, Movie
Language: Korea
Release Date: 31 March 2022
Season: 2
Aired: 31 March 2022-2 June 2022
Aired On: Thursday
Episodes: 10
Also Known As: Queendom Season 2 , Kwindeom 2 , Kwindeom Sijeun 2, 퀸덤2, Queendom 2 2022

Queendom 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Following the fulfillment of “Queendom” in 2019, a clean organization of six all-lady acts at various stages of their careers heads to the stage to duke it out within the musical area. Only one institution can grow to be the “queen” of the roster, and the acts will need to finish a range of tough musical demanding situations – including performing some in their first-rate-loved hits, singing and dancing to marvel songs, operating with rival companies – and subsequently appearing a brand-new music in their very own on a interesting final degree. Viewers will determine the fate of the agencies – and might be requested to decide their performances.

The movement is hosted via Taeyeon, of the chart-topping act Girls’ Generation. Relative novices VIVIZ and Kep1er will pit their musical abilties towards the viral hit organization of 2021 Brave Girls, as well as the set up organizations LOONA and WJSN. Going it by myself may be solo famous person Hyolyn, previously of SISTAR. Only one act can emerge triumphant – so who will stroll away with the crown?

Queendom 2 Cast

Kim Tae Yeon as Grand Master
Lee Yong Jin as Queen Manager
Hyolyn as Contestant
Kim Min Young as Contestant
Nam Yu Jeong as Contestant
Hong Eun Ji as Contestant
Lee Yu Na as Contestant
Eunha as Contestant
SinB as Contestant
Umji as Contestant
Seola as Contestant
Bona as Contestant
EXY as Contestant
Soo Bin as Contestant
Lee Lu Da as Contestant
Eunseo as Contestant
Yeoreum as Contestant
Im Da Young as Contestant
Yoo Yeon Jung as Contestant
Jo Ha Seul as Contestant
JinSoul as Contestant
Kim Hyun Jin as Contestant
Choerry as Contestant
Go Won as Contestant
Kim Lip as Contestant
Im Yeo Jin as Contestant
Yves as Contestant
Jeon Hee Jin as Contestant
Chuu as Contestant
Olivia Hye as Contestant
ViVi as Contestant
Choi Yu Jin as Contestant
Sakamoto Mashiro as Contestant
Shen Xiao Ting as Contestant
Kim Chae Hyun as Contestant
Kim Da Yeon as Contestant
Ezaki Hikaru as Contestant
Huening Bahiyyih as Contestant
Seo Young Eun as Contestant
Kang Ye Seo as Contestant
Hwang Yun Seong as Guest
Lee Hyeop as Guest
Joo Chang Uk as Guest
Kim Dong Yun as Guest
Kim Min Seo as Guest
Cha Jun Ho as Guest
Alex as Guest
Na Go Eun as Guest
Chaein as Guest
Yuki as Guest
Park Ji Eun as Guest
Dosie as Guest
Ireh as Guest
Swan as Guest
Son Seong Jun as Guest
BIC as Guest
Song Min Jae as Guest
No Hui Jun as Guest
Bang Jun Hyuk as Guest
Nana as Guest
Kim Min Seo as Guest
Lucy as Guest
Wooyeon as Guest
Sakata Sora as Guest
Jung Young Bin as Guest
Steven Kim as Guest
Song Yu Qi as Guest
Minnie as Guest
Cho Mi Yeon as Guest
Shin Hye Jung as Guest
Kim Chan Mi as Guest
Kim Sun Woo as Guest
Hyunjae as Guest
Q as Guest
Kevin Moon as Guest
Lee Jae Yun as Guest
Song Dong Geon as Guest
Kim Min Su as Guest
J.You as Guest
Lee Seo Ho as Guest
Leedo as Guest
Keon Hee as Guest
Yeo Hwan Woong as Guest
Yang Hong Seok as Guest
Adachi Yuto as Guest
Jung Woo Seok as Guest
Joohoney as Guest
Hyung Won as Guest
Gabee as Guest
Simeez as Guest
Choi Ri An as Guest
Monika Shin as Guest
Honey J as Guest

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