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Queen: Love And War (2019)

Queen Love And War cast Jin Se-Yun, Kim Min-Kyu, Do Sang-Woo. Queen Love And War Release Date 14 December 2019. Queen Love And War Episodes 16.
Queen Love And War cast Jin Se-Yun, Kim Min-Kyu, Do Sang-Woo. Queen Love And War Release Date 14 December 2019. Queen Love And War Episodes 16.

Queen: Love And War is a Korean Drama-Romance (2019). Queen: Love And War cast: Jin Se-Yun, Kim Min-Kyu, Do Sang-Woo. Queen: Love And War Release Date: 14 December 2019. Queen: Love And War Episodes: 16.

Queen: Love And War Detail

Drama: Queen: Love And War (2019)
Network: TV Chosun
Director: Kim Jung-Min
Writer: Choi Soo-Mi
Main Stars: Jin Se-Yun, Kim Min-Kyu, Do Sang-Woo
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: South Korean
Language: Korean
Release Date: 14 December 2019
Season: 1
Episodes: 16
Aired: 14 December 2019 – 9 February 2020
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: 간택, Gantaeg , Selection, Selection: The War Between Girls, The War Between Girls, Gantaek-Girls’ War, Sonyeodeullui Jeonjaeng, Selection – Girls’ War, Gantaek yeoindeurui jeonjaeng, 간택-소녀들의 전쟁, Gantaek: Yeoindeului Jeonjaeng, Selection: The War Between Women, Love And War, 간택 – 여인들의 전쟁

Queen: Love And War Synopsis and Plot Summary

Kang Eun Bo is a lady on a crucial. At the point when her twin sister is killed, she promises to discover the executioner and carry them to equity.

In any case, during the ultra-moderate Joseon Dynasty time (1392-1910), the main lady with the ability to arrange a manhunt for a killer is the Queen. So Kang Eun Bo takes steps to win the prized imperial title so she can one day vindicate her sister’s demise. To do as such, be that as it may, she should initially win the core of Joseon King Lee Kyung . Lee Kyung experienced childhood in a period of extraordinary political agitation, and is less keen on issues of the heart – and progressively worried about carrying harmony to the domain.

Kang Eun Bo before long finds that triumphant the lord’s kindness won’t be simple; the imperial court is likewise immersed with delightful young ladies, a considerable lot of whom would like to marry the ruler. Be that as it may, when the ruler out of nowhere understands that he perceives Kang Eun Bo from a fantasy, the two start to shape an impossible bond. Will Kang Eun Bo ever locate her twin’s executioner? Also, could adore blossom between the streetwise Kang Eun Bo and the hopeful lord?

Queen: Love And War Cast

Jin Se-Yun As Kang Eun-Bo
Kim Min-Kyu As Lee Kyung
Do Sang-Woo As Lee Jae-Hwa
Lee Yeol-Eum As Jo Young-Ji
Lee Si-Un As Wal
Lee Hwa-Kyum As Kim Song-Yi
Jung Ae-Ri As King’s grandmother
Cho Eun-Sook As King’s mother
Lee Jae-Yong As Jo Heung-Gyeon
Son Byung-Ho As Kim Man-Chan
Eom Hyo-Seop As Baek Ja-Yong
Lee Ki-Young As Gang Yi-Su
An Se-Ha As Eunuch Hwang
Choi Myung-Bin As Kang Eun-Bo (young)
Park Min-Su As Lee Kyung (young)
Song Ji-Woo As Jong-Hee


Kim Beom-Jin As Han-Mo
Choo Soo-Bin As Yeo-Wul
Yoon Ki-Won As Kim Hyung-Chan
Jo Mi-Nyeo As Ye-Sil
Lee Kan-Hee As mother of Eun-Ki & Eun-Bo
Go Yoon As Gae-Pyeong
Kim Ju-Young As Dan-Young
Seo Kyung-Hwa As Jung Sang-Goong
Lee Yoon-Gun As Hong Ki-Ho
Choi Na-Moo As Byeo-Ri
Song Hoon As Lee Jae-Hwa’s father
Gil Jung-Woo As Wal (young)
Jang Ju-Yeon As female physician
Seo Kwang-Jae

Queen: Love And War Trailer

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