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Oh My Baby (2020)

Oh My Baby cast: Jang Na-Ra, Go Jun, Park Byung-Eun. Oh My Baby Release Date: 6 May 2020. Oh My Baby Episodes: 16.
Oh My Baby cast: Jang Na-Ra, Go Jun, Park Byung-Eun. Oh My Baby Release Date: 6 May 2020. Oh My Baby Episodes: 16.

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Overall: Oh My Baby is a Korean Comedy-Romance Drama (2020). Oh My Baby cast: Jang Na-Ra, Go Jun, Park Byung-Eun. Oh My Baby Release Date: 6 May 2020. Oh My Baby Episodes: 16.

Oh My Baby Detail

Drama: Oh My Baby (2020)
Network: tvN
Director: Nam Ki-Hoon
Writer: No Sun-Jae
Main Stars: Jang Na-Ra, Go Jun, Park Byung-Eun
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 13 May 2020
Season: 1
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Aired: 13 May 2020 -2 July 2020
Also Known As: o mai beibi, O My Baby, o mai baeibi, Oh My Baby, 오 마이 베이비

Oh My Baby Synopsis and Plot Summary

Matured 39, Jang Ha Ri is a definitive obsessive worker. She hasn’t had a beau in the previous decade, quite a while in the past chose to disregard searching for affection and rather has tossed her vitality into her profession.

Nonetheless, as she functions as a senior journalist for a child-rearing magazine named “The Baby,” she is continually helped to remember the one thing she needs most throughout everyday life – to have her very own infant.

She chooses to get to the point and go after an infant yet needs to skirt one key stage – and settle not to wed.

Yet, as she turns her brain to single parenthood, she out of nowhere understands that she is encircled by admirers: independent picture taker Han Yi Sang, super-keen pediatrician Yoon Jae Young, and the workplace novice, the gushing Choi Kang Eu Ddeum.

Could any of these three love applicants help Jang Ha Ri in her mission to turn into a mother?

Furthermore, could her mission accidentally send her on the way to genuine romance?

Oh My Baby Cast

Jang NaRa as Jang Ha-Ri
Go Jun as Han Yi-Sang
Park ByungEun as Yoon Jae-Young
Jung Gun-Joo as Choi Kang Eu Ddeum
Kim JaeHwa as Shim Jung-Hwa
Baek Seung-Hee as Park Yeon-Ho
Park SooYoung as Choi Hyo-Joo
Jung Sun-Kyung as Lee So-Yoon
Jang Gwang as Chairman Jo
Jeon Jin-Ki as Joo Seung-Tae
Yoo Seung-Mok as Kim Cheol-Joong
Son SoMang as Editor Park So-Mang
Jo HeeBong as Nam Soo-Cheol
Son HwaRyeong as Kim Sang-Hee
Kim Yong-Jin as Jambi Studio staff
Kim HyeOk as Lee Ok-Ran
Kim YeRyeong as Lee Ok-Hee
LeeHan-Wi as Park Jae-Han
Kim YeonSeo as Jang Ha-ri Child
Yoon SeoYeon as Jang Ha-ri Young
Han GabSoo as Jang Tae-Seob
Moon HyunJung as Ob/Gyn Joo
Lee MiDo as Kim Eun-Young
Kwon Hae-Sung as Kim Eun-Young’s husband
Pyo Dong-Jun as Seo-Yoon
Lee Seo-Jun as Seo-Jun
Park Gun as Jung Joon-Young
Lee Joo-Sil as Soon-Nam
Ha Nam-Woo as Han Yi-Sang’s brother
Kang Ro-Chae as Han Yi-Sang’s sister-in-law
Chae YooRi as Han Byul
Kang JeeSeok as Han Joon
Kim JungHwa as Jung In-A
Yi Sol as Do-Ah
Oh YooMi as Yoon Jae-Young’s mother
Min Dae-Sik as Yoon Jae-Young’s father
Lee Woo-Joo as Yoon Jae-Young young
No Young-Min as Yoon Jae-Young’s brother
Wang Ji-Hye as Seo Jung-Won
Son Sung-Chan as Seo Jung-Won’s father
Choi Hong-Il as Restaurant Owner Jo
Moon Woo-bin as Moon Woo-Bin
Lee SeRang as department store housewife 1
Jo HyunI’m as department store housewife 2
Park Min-Gwan as Han Yi-Sang’s associate
Lee Soo-In as the mother of baby model
Kwon Oh-Kyung as Ministry of Health and Welfare employee
Lee Tae-Hyeong as Yoon Jae-Young’s friend
Lee Dong-Gun as Jang Ha-Ri’s associate
Yum Dong-Hun as Moon Soo
Yeo HoiHyeon as a sperm donor
Ko Dong-ha as boy model
Choi Yoon-Woo as Han Yi-Sang junior
Ki EunYoo as Yoon Jae-Young junior
Park JaeJoon as Choi Kang Eu Ddeum junior
Lee SeungChul as a guitar instructor
Kim TaeWon as Yoon Nam-Joon
Kim BumJoon as Min Joong-Ki
Ha SiYeon as daycare center staff
Yoon GaHyun as a babysitter job application
Ban HyeYoung as hospital staff
Lee YongNyeo as inn owner
Lee DaHae as Ji-Hye
Kim JoongKi as Sang-Min
Yeon Je-Wook as an obnoxious drunk guy
Sung Hyun-Mi as hiking club member
Jeon Hye-Bin as Kang Hyo-Joo
Seo Suk-Gyu as Cheonwang employee
Lee Tae Geom as a doctor
Kim Soo-Yeon as The Baby reader
Kim Ha-Yun as Yoon Jae-Young’s patient
Yang Ye-Seung as Jeon Tae-Hee
Lee Ro-Eun as Lee Ro-Eun
Hong Ye-Ji as jewelry store saleswoman
Kim Young-Hee as gambling house woman
Ahn Suk-Hwan as man flirting with Lee Ok-Ran

Additional Cast Members

Son Eun Seo as Kang Mok Young
Yoon Jung-Hoon as Jambi Studio photographer
Jeong Ha-Yul as an advertising team member for “The Baby”
Jin Seok-Jin as Jin Seok-Jin
Shin Hee-Gook as Cheonwang employee
Lee Seung Hee as Unknown

Oh My Baby Trailer

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