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My Mister (2018)

My Mister cast: Park Dong-Hun, Lee Ji-An, Ko Du-Shim. My Mister Date: 21 March 2018. My Mister episodes: 16.
My Mister cast: Park Dong-Hun, Lee Ji-An, Ko Du-Shim. My Mister Date: 21 March 2018. My Mister episodes: 16.

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Overall: My Mister is a Korean Drama (2018). My Mister cast: Park Dong-Hun, Lee Ji-An, Ko Du-Shim. My Mister Date: 21 March 2018. My Mister episodes: 16.

My Mister Detail

Drama: My Mister (2018)
Network: tvN
Director: Kim Won Suk
Writer: Park Hae Young
Main Stars: Park Dong-Hun, Lee Ji-An, Ko Du-Shim
Genres: Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 21 March 2018
Season: 1
Aired: 21 March 2018-17 May 2018
Aired on: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: My Ahjusshi , Naui Ajeosshi , My Ajusshi , My Ahjussi, 나의 아저씨, My Mister 2018

My Mister Synopsis and Plot Summary

Park Dong Hoon is a moderately aged specialist who is hitched to lawyer Kang Yoon Hee. In any case, his life isn’t that glad as he has two jobless siblings, Sang-Hoon and Gi Hoon, who depend on him. Also, his better half is covertly having an unsanctioned romance with CEO Do Joon Yeong, Dong Hoon’s school junior yet the present chief.

At some point, Dong Hoon gets a startling pay off and sees that his colleague, Lee Ji A, saw him. Ji An is a youthful low maintenance laborer at Dong Hoon’s organization who is suffocating paying off debtors and left alone to deal with her evil grandma. Dong Hoon then gets trapped in his siblings’ battle to financially recover and the organization’s inner competition between the organization’s CEO and the individuals contradicting him, at the same time not realizing that CEO Joon Yeong needs to dispose of him and Ji An is working for the CEO.

My Mister Cast

Park Dong-Hun as Park Dong-Hun
Lee Ji-An as Lee Ji-An
Ko Du-Shim as Byeon Yo-Sun
Park Ho-San as Park Sang-Hun
Song Sae-Byuk as Park Gi-Hun
Kwon Na Ra as Choi Yoo Ra Movie actress

Lee Ji-Ah as Kang Yoon-Hee
Jung Young-Joo as Jo Ae-Ryun
Jung Ji-Hoon as Ji-Suk
Son Sook as Lee Bong-Ae
Ahn Seung-Kyoon as Song Ki-Beom
Lee Sun Kyun as Park Dong Hoon

Kim Young-Min as CEO Do Jun-Yeong
Jung Jae-Sung as Director Yun Sang-Tae
Kim Seung-Tae as Mo Chang-Soo
Jung Myung-Joon as Kim Nam-Keun
Park Yong as Saman E&C executive

Jeon Kuk-Hwan as Exec. Director Wang Young-Geun
Jung Hae-Kyun as Director Park Dong-Un
Shin Dam-Soo as Jung Chan-Mo
Park Jung-Min as Saman E&C executive
Lee Sun Kyun as Park Dong Hoon

Shin Goo as Chairman Jang
Ryu Abel as Jung Chae-Ryung
Kim Joon-Won as Department Head Lee
Hwang Sang-Kyung as auditor 1
Yoo Byung-Soo as auditor 2

Oh Na-Ra as Jung Jung-Hee
Park Soo-Young as Lee Je-Cheol
Seo Sang-Won as Go Jin-Beom
Lee Do-Hyun as Im Kwon-Sik
Seo Hyun Woo as Section chief Song

Park Hae-Joon as Monk Gyeomduk
Lee Dong-Yong as Hanbit Agency employee
Shin Hee-Gook as hotel employee
Kim Kyung-Min as Director Choi
Kim Seo-Ha as movie co. staff

Additional Cast Members

Kim Joon-Eui as Ji-Suk young child

Lee Young Suk as Seo Choon Dae

Ahn Seung Gyun as Song Ki Beom Ji Ahn’s best friend

IU as Lee Ji Ahn

Go Doo Shim as Byun Yo Soon Dong Hoon’s mother

Shin Hee Chul as Office Staff

Ha Do Gwon as Cafe owner

Heo Woong as Section Chief Park

Chang Ryul as Assistant director

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