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Moebius (2021)

Overall: Moebius is a Korean Movie (2021). Moebius cast: Lee Jung Hyun. Moebius Release Date: 13 October 2021. The Apartment with Two Women.

Moebius Detail

Movie: Moebius (2021)
Main Stars: Lee Jung Hyun
Genres: Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 13 October 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: Moebiuseu, 뫼비우스, Moebius 2021

Moebius Synopsis and Plot Summary

1. “An Usual Unusual Day” (술과 족발과 케이크, Sulgwa Jokbalgwa Keikeu)
New students from the Department of Theater and Film are accumulating in the dormitory and having fun. While drinking alcohol and being noisy, Yu Mi, Ye Ri, Soo Jeong, and Seol secretly circulate to preserve a marvel birthday party for Eun Chae. Then someone knocks at the door. For the unexpected guests, the birthday party plans waft through an sudden direction. 2. “Hotel Future” (미래장, Miraejang)
Hyeon Jae (Present) lost his manner at the same time as touring and visited Hotel Future in which he met a guest named Jason. In Hotel Future in which reminiscences are sold instead of money, Hyeon Jae sells his recollections that he desired to erase. As Hyeon Jae sells his memories one at a time, he senses some thing weird from the humans running at Hotel Future. He tries to run away.

3. “Dasoni” (다소니)
Seol, who graduated from the Department of Fashion Design began operating here and there after graduating. Then, she worked for her aunt who works in style in the United States for a 12 months. A day earlier than leaving the u . S . A ., she fixed her bags together with her boyfriend Ki Woo who she have not met for seven years.

4. “Christmas Present” (크리스마스 선물, Keuriseumaseu Seonmul)
His celebrity lady friend who obtained malicious comments commits suicide, and after trying diverse methods to get her lower back, he subsequently located a way to try to live fortunately again.

Moebius Cast

Lee Jung Hyun as Hotel Future Hyeon Jae

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