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Love Formula 11M (2019)

Love Formula 11M (2019)
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Love Formula 11M is a Korean Romance-Sport TV Show (2019). Love Formula 11M cast: Yoon San Ha, Chanmi, Yuna. Love Formula 11M. Love Formula 11M Release Date: 11 November 2019. Love Formula 11M Episodes: 6.

Love Formula 11M Detail

Show: Love Formula 11M (2019)
Directors: Lee Doo Il
Main Stars: Yoon San Ha, Chanmi, Yuna
Genres: Romance, Sports
Country: South korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 11 November 2019
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also Known As: 11M Farewell Formula, 사랑공식 11M, Saranggongsik 11M, Love Equation 11M

Love Formula 11M Plot

“Love Formula 11M” will show the regular battles of young people. It recounts to the narrative of Ji Yoon, a young lady who lives as a standard understudy in the wake of encountering damage that powers her to abandon her fantasy about turning into a soccer player. The dramatization pursues the sentiment between Ji Yoon and her attractive upperclassman Tae Oh.

Love Formula 11M Cast

Yoon San Ha As Tae Oh
Chanmi As Ji Yoon
Yuna As So Jin
Kim Chul Min As Jin Hyuk

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