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Loop Dreams (2021)

Loop Dreams Release Date: 14 January 2021. Loop Dreams.
Loop Dreams Release Date: 14 January 2021. Loop Dreams.

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Overall: Loop Dreams is a Korean Documentary, Movie (2021). Loop Dreams Release Date: 14 January 2021. Loop Dreams.

Loop Dreams Detail

Movie: Loop Dreams (2021)
Genres: Documentary, Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 14 January 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 14 January 2021
Also Known As: Yoyohyeonsang, 요요현상, Loop Dreams 2021

Loop Dreams Synopsis and Plot Summary

\”Could we keep on yo-yoing?\” Dae Yeol, Dong Hoon, Hyeon Woong, Dong Geon, and Jong Gi have been yo-yoing since adolescence. For them, in their late 20s, this inquiry was a higher priority than all else. In the late spring of 2011, the five at last choose to challenge themselves, to remain on the phase they had always wanted, and to stop yo-yoing a short time later. Aside from Jong Gi, the four partake in the Edinburgh Periphery Celebration. Jong Gi, who didn\’t have sufficient cash, remained in Korea and went on a television tryout program. After the illusory days, settling on the decision has gotten much more troublesome. For the five, \”Yo-yo\” had an alternate significance now, and the truth that they each face, was difficult.

Loop Dreams Cast

Loop Dreams Trailer

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