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Korea-Khitan War Episode 2

Goryeo-Khitan War Episode 2 cast: Choi Soo Jong, Kim Dong Jun, Ji Seung Hyun. Goryeo-Khitan War Episode 2 Release Date: 12 November 2023.
Goryeo-Khitan War Episode 2 cast: Choi Soo Jong, Kim Dong Jun, Ji Seung Hyun. Goryeo-Khitan War Episode 2 Release Date: 12 November 2023.
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Korea-Khitan War Episode is a Korean Drama (2023). Korea-Khitan War Episode 2 cast: Choi Soo Jong, Kim Dong Jun, Ji Seung Hyun. Korea-Khitan War Episode 2 Release Date: 12 November 2023. Korea-Khitan War Total Episodes: 32.

Korea-Khitan War Episode 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Court Lady Choi threatens prince Daeryangwon with the food Queen Dawager prepares for him.

Prince Daeryangwon hides himself in Mount Samgak and runs from the temple.

Court Lady Choi commands the men burn down the mountain in order to find him.

Kim Chi Yang and Mokjong are planning a crime to commit in the evening.

Korea-Khitan War Episode 2 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 2
Network: KBS1
Main Stars: Choi Soo Jong, Kim Dong Jun, Ji Seung Hyun
Genres: Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 12 November 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 32
Episode Number: 2
Also Known As: 고려 거란 전쟁, Korea-Khitan War Episode Ep 2, Korea-Khitan War Episode 2 Season 1

Korea-Khitan War Episode 2 Cast

Choi Soo Jong as Kang Gam Chan

Kim Dong Jun as King Hyeonjong of Goryeo

Ji Seung Hyun as Yang Gyu

Gong Jung Hwan as Kim Chi Yang | Empress Cheoncu’s lover

Lee Min Young as Empress Cheonchu | Mokjong’s mother / Hyeonjong’s aunt

Lee Won Jong as Gang Jo

Park Yoo Seung as Choe Sa Wi

Kim Hyuk as Emperor Shengzong of Liao

Kim San Ho as Jeong Seon

Baek Sung Hyun as King Mokjong of Goryeo | Hyeonjong’s cousin

Lee Shi Ah as Queen Wonjeong

Jo Ryeon as Kang Gam Chan’s wife

Yoon Bok In as Kang Gam Chan’s wife

Kim Tae Han as Xiao Pai Ya

Han Chae Young as Ji Chae Mun

Lee Jae Yong as Toho

Han Seung Hyun as Chae Chung Sun

Kim Na In as Gang Gam Chan’s servant

Park Jung Hwan as Yelu Dilu

Hong Jae Min as Beob Gong | Sinhyeol Temple little monk

Kim Soo Ho as Khitan’s tribal chief | Khitan’s envoy

Ban Sang Yoon as Khitan’s adjutant

Jo Ha Seok as Khitan’s general

Yoo Sang Jae as Khitan’s general

Han Chang Min as Yang Dae Chun | Yang Gyu’s son

Kang Ji Woon as No Eui

Seo Jae Woo as Kim Jong Hyeon

Kim Oh Bok as Yang Hyeop

Kim Joong Don as Jo Won

Ryu Seung Hyun as Kim Hun

Lee Ji Hoon as Jang Yeon Woo

Kim Sun Bin as Choe Chung

Kim Jeong Hak as Choe Hang

Lee Chul Min as Gang Min Cheom

Jo Seung Yun as Kim Eun Bu

Jo Hee Bong as Yu Jin

Joo Seok Tae as Choi Jil

Ha Seung Ri as Queen Wonseong

Han Jae Young as Ji Chae Mun

Lee Chang Jik as Lee Ju Jeong

Joo Yeon Woo as Kim Sook Heung

Lee Jae Gu as Dae Do Su

Jung Ho Bin as Yoo Bang

Yoon Seung Hoon as Chung Pil

Jo Sang Ki as Tak Sa Jeong

Kim Jae Min as Lee Hyun Woon

Kang Shin Il as Jin Gwan | Sinhyeol Temple head monk

Kim Kwang Young as Goryeo’s envoy

Kim Ku Taek as Han Gi | Khitan’s envoy

Park Won Seok as Goryeo’s soldier

Kim Seung Hyun as Goryeo people

Ma Si Hwan as Khitan’s chase leader

Lee Sang Hong as Yelu Pennu

Kwon Ah Reum as Yang Gyu’s wife

Lee Do Guk as Ha Gong Jin

Kwak Min Seok as Won Jong Seok

Jang In Sub as Hwangbo Yoo Ui

Kwon Ye Eun as Deok

Go Han Min as Jurchen

Yoon Chae Kyung as Queen Wonhwa \ Hyeonjong’s 2nd wife

Lee Pung Woon as Yoo Haeng Gan | Mokjong’s favor

Jeong Seo Yul as Goryeo child

Shim So Young as Empress Cheonchu’s order

Kim Ha Jin as Empress Cheonchu’s chief palace lady

Son Jong Bum as Goryeo state preceptor

Park Jin Sung as Khitan’s general

Kang Suk Won as Khitan’s reaper

Kim Bum Suk as Khitan’s envoy

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