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Koko Sun Yi (2021)

Koko Sun Yi Release Date: October 2021. Koko Sun Yi.
Koko Sun Yi Release Date: October 2021. Koko Sun Yi.

Overall: Koko Sun Yi is a Korean Movie (2021). Koko Sun Yi Release Date: October 2021. Koko Sun Yi.

Koko Sun Yi Detail

Movie: Koko Sun Yi (2021)
Genres: Documentary, Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: October 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 31 October 2021
Also Known As: Kokosuni, 코코순이, Koko Sun Yi 2021

Koko Sun Yi Synopsis and Plot Summary

‘KOKO SunYi’, the name of everyone left behind who in no way came again.

In May 1942, on the inspiration of the Korean Military Command, Kitamura, aka Papasang and Mamasang, traveled across the u . S . To recruit ladies to take care of the wounded soldiers below the pretext of locating a process, and sent them to the comfort ladies camps in Myanmar thru Busan, Taiwan, and Singapore. In August 1944, the Japanese military become defeated, and 20 Korean girls were captured via the Allied Forces and interrogated in Japanese and English they did now not understand, and then scattered throughout India with out knowing English. And the determined report of america Wartime Intelligence Agency No. 49 recorded approximately 20 of those Korean “consolation women”.

The handiest one who can locate his whereabouts is ‘KOKO SunYi’, who traces the clues and reveals the distorted history and the hidden fact! In the beyond and within the present they may be telling lies!

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