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Kim Ji Young: Born 1982

Kim Ji Young: Born 1982
Kim Ji Young: Born 1982

Kim Ji Young: Born 1982 is the story about a girl who faces many problems in their life but she dons,t give up. She faces every problem like a boss. This is an amazing Korean Movie. If you search for Korean Movies and TV Series then you will see many movies and Dramas.

Most of the Korean movies and dramas are based in Romance, Comedy or Dramatic but This film is looking like the story of a young girl who motivates others. This is an excellent idea, I think this is just amazing. If you are looking the motivated movies then I suggest you watch this film.

Kim Ji Young works in PR Agency. This film is released on 23 October 2019. You know Christmas is near, South Korean always try to create the best content, especially in Christmas days. This is a great chance for those who are looking for fantastic and motivation movies.

Kim Ji Young: Born 1982 Story

This is the story if a young girl named “Kim Ji Young”. She is a very talented and hardworking lady. She works in PR Agency. Then she gets married and has a lovely daughter. She really loves her. She tries to rise her. This is an amazing love story. I hope you will like it, after watching this amazing Film.

Suddenly, She quit her job. Now she only focuses on her daughter because she really loves her and wants her to do something for her. Now Her attitude is looking very carefully but she does not well behave with their friends, older sister. Facts are she quit her job and tries to get a new job but she will not a success.

Her husband also loves her but they have some misunderstanding so that,s why they are not happy with each other. Kim Ji Young really love her daughter but you know this is an amazing idea but this is over behave. She fights with their family and cried because she thinks, she is doing wrong.

In the end, Her daughter rise up and told her mother. Then she really happy for her. She again cried and looking very happy. All the problem are settled and now they have nothing but happy Family. This is such an amazing story movie.

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