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Into the Ring (2020)

Into the Ring cast: Nana, Park Sung-Hoon, Yoo Da-In. Into the Ring Date: 1 July 2020. Into the Ring episodes: 32.
Into the Ring cast: Nana, Park Sung-Hoon, Yoo Da-In. Into the Ring Date: 1 July 2020. Into the Ring episodes: 32.

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Overall: Into the Ring is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2020). Into the Ring cast: Nana, Park Sung-Hoon, Yoo Da-In. Into the Ring Date: 1 July 2020. Into the Ring episodes: 32.

Into the Ring Detail

Drama: Into the Ring (2020)
Network: KBS2
Director: Hwang Seung Gi, Choi Yeon Soo
Writer: Moon Hyun Kyung
Main Stars: Nana, Park Sung-Hoon, Yoo Da-In
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 1 July 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 1 July 2020-20 August 2020
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: Tupyo, Execution Table, Northern Expeditions, Chulsapyo, 투표, Memorial, Memorials, The Ballot, The Ring, 출사표, Into the Ring 2020

Into the Ring Synopsis and Plot Summary

Website optimization Gong Myung is an effective and obstinate tip-top government worker, who can perform various tasks effortlessly and is named the ‘Number One Handsome Man’ on the District People’s Committee. Notwithstanding, he is a chilly, inflexible, and free individual, who is esteemed thorny and inaccessible under the most favorable circumstances. Search engine optimization Gong Myung is guided by his ethical feelings, which he firmly sticks to, selecting to do everything ‘fair and square’. His absence of adaptability and his propensity for scrutinizing every one of the individuals who enter his area, not just serve to win him the epithet ‘Extraordinary Lucifer’, however a larger number of foes than companions.

Goo Se Ra is a lower-class lady with little training or cash, however, can even now talk a decent game and punch well over her own weight. Known as the ‘Sovereign of Civil Complaints’, she’s a powerhouse! She’s held numerous situations before, none of which have appeared into a steady wellspring of salary. Little miracle the opening on the District People’s Council, with a yearly pay of 50 million won for a simple 90 working days, could be only the ticket she needs to better her conditions.

The sparkles begin flying as the recently downgraded Seo Gong Myung and beginner Council part Goo Se Ra unite to punish degenerate legislators.

Into the Ring Cast

Nana as Koo Se-Ra
Park Sung-Hoon as Seo Kong-Myung
Yoo DaIn as Yoon Hee-Soo
Han Joon-Woo as Kim Min-Jae
Ahn Nae-Sang as Jo Maeng-Duk
Seo Jin-Won as Shim Jang-Yang
Han Dong-Kyu as Jang Ha-Woon
Lee Chang-Jik as Shi Dan-Kyu
Bae Hae-Seon as Won So-Jung
Lee Seo-Hwan as Heo Deok-Goo
Kim O-Bok as Won So-Jung’s secretary
Yun Ju-Sang as Bong Chu-San
Oh DongMin as Go Dong-Chan
Yu SeongJu as Yang Nae-Sung
Kim IkTae as Choi Goo Pal
Park SungGeun as Lee Dae-Cheol
Kim HyunMok as Jung Yong-Kyu
Ahn KilKang as Koo Young-Tae
Jang HyeJin as Kim Sam-Sook
Kim MiSoo as Kwon Woo-Young
Shin Do-Hyun as Jang Han-Bi
Choi Go as Kim Ja-Ryong
Shin Joo-Hyup as Oh Byeong-Min
Park Mi-Hyun as Son Eun-Sil
Hong Sung-Duk as Kim Chul-soo
Park GwiSoon as Cha Eun-Woo
Shin DongRyuk as manager
Lee Hojung as Intern Shim
Lee Yoon-Sang as executive
Jung Dong-Geun as Jung Min-Hwan
Lee SangHwa as Lee Yong-Bum
Lee SoMi as Best Industrial Development secretary
Song Hoon as No Dong-Chul
Kim Ha-Yeon as Koo Se-Ra child
Seo Yoon-Hyuk as Seo Kong-Myung child
Jung Si-Yul as Jo Jung-Dae
Jo Ye-Rin as Koo Se-Ra teen
Kang Ae-Shim as Park Jeong-Rae
Shin Hyun Jong as Jung Yeong-Chun
Gu Da-Song as a high school student
Moon KyungMin as service center complainant
Park Jung-Pyo as design team section chief
Yun Seol as design team staff
Kim JongHo as a speaker at the event
Park YooRim as design team staff
Lee SeungChul as Aeguk Conservative Party representative
Bae SungIl as Kwon Woo-Young’s boss
Kong HoSuk as oriental clinic man
Choi GyoSik as a restaurant cashier
Moon Ki-Young as Yang Nae-Sung’s wife
Kim KyungMin as Yang Nae-Sung’s brother
Baek Seo-Yun as a schoolgirl
Park Junhee as a schoolboy
Baek SeungJun as a schoolboy
Gu Bon-Jin as a police officer
Choi Nam-Wook as administration division rep.
Eom Ok-Ran as a stationery store owner
Choi Yo-han as a convenience store owner
Kim Jae-Cheol as a drunk passenger
Son Sung-Chan as an apartment security guard
Seo Myung-Chan as meeting questioner
Cha Sang-Mi as Seniors Living Alone volunteer
Kang Suk-Won as volunteer patrolman
Choi Jong-Ryul as Sarang-dong elder
Jwa Chae-won as Judo Instructor Mi-Jin
Kim Jin as teacher
Ko Jae-Won as student
Choi MooIn as Sarang-dong residents leader
Lee Jae-Eun as Sarang-dong resident
Lee SeRang as real estate office woman
Jung EuiSoon as buffet restaurant staff
Choi SolHee as buffet restaurant staff
Lee JinMok as a beef restaurant owner
Kim Sung-Yong as Vice-Chief District Office
Oh Ki-Hwan as a detective
Lee Joong-Yull as Simsung Real Estate agent
Park Yong as a disciplinary committee member
Ri Min as service center complainant
Bae Bo-Ram as Yoo Kyung-Mi
Kyung Ki-Hyun as Polar Bear Party member

Additional Cast Members

An Seok-Hyun as an 8-year-old boy
Yoo Sung Joo as Yang Nae Sung Council member
Shin Yeon Woo as Support Role

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