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Influencer (2020)

Influencer Release Date: 25 November 2020. Influencer.
Influencer Release Date: 25 November 2020. Influencer.

Overall: Influencer is a Korean Documentary, Movie (2020). Influencer Release Date: 25 November 2020. Influencer.

Influencer Detail

Movie: Influencer (2020)
Genres: Documentary, Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 25 November 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 25 November 2020
Also Known As: Inpeulrueonseo, 인플루언서, Influencer 2020

Influencer Synopsis and Plot Summary

Instagram changed the pattern quicker than some other web-based media. On Instagram, the everyday lives of the four influencer fans who have various fans will be uncovered 100%, without channel. Lee Yoo-receptacle, CEO of beautifiers organization, style model Ji Yoon-mi, hair planner Kang Ji-Hye, even YouTube maker Yasaengma (Joo Kyeong-jin. To ascend to the first spot on the list as the influencer speaking to Korea. In the event that they were youthful and not ordinary until they arrived at the top as Korea’s agent influencer, what might their actual selves resemble? Wouldn’t their own imaginative, various difficulties have been the establishment of what is presently influencer?

Most grateful minutes to fans, and saddest minutes from scornful remarks in the wake of being an influencer. There was a family who consistently accepted and upheld them, and fans were there, so they could get by in a wilderness a spot.

Past, present, and future. A genuine narrative starts that catches their internal identity as opposed to their external self that has never been seen!!

Influencer Cast

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