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Imitation (2021)

Imitation cast: Jeong Ji So, Lee Jun Young, Park Ji Yeon. Imitation Release Date: 7 May 2021. Imitation Episodes: 12.
Imitation cast: Jeong Ji So, Lee Jun Young, Park Ji Yeon. Imitation Release Date: 7 May 2021. Imitation Episodes: 12.

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Overall: Imitation is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). Imitation cast: Jeong Ji So, Lee Jun Young, Park Ji Yeon. Imitation Release Date: 7 May 2021. Imitation Episodes: 12.

Imitation Detail

Drama: Imitation (2021)
Network: KBS2
Director: Han Hyun Hee
Writer: Kim Min Jung, Choi Sun Young
Main Stars: Jeong Ji So, Lee Jun Young, Park Ji Yeon
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 7 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 7 May 2021-23 July 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Imiteisyeon, 이미테이션, Imitation 2021

Idol Workshop (G)I-DLE Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Impersonation” is about the lives of symbols in media outlets. The webtoon is well known everywhere on the world with over 3.73 million supporters on Kakao Page and in excess of 600,000 enlisted remarks.

Jung Ji So, Minseo, and Lim Nayoung have been given a role as individuals from the young lady bunch Tea Party. Jung Ji So will play Maha, the focal point of the young lady gathering, who is a gifted artist and is likewise fanning out into acting. Lim Nayoung will play Hyun Ji, the previous focus and visual of Tea Party, while Minseo will play Ria, the pioneer and entertainer of Tea Party.

T-ara’s Jiyeon has been given a role as Larima, the top female independent craftsman among symbols.

U-KISS’s Jun, SF9’s Chani and Hwiyoung, ATEEZ’s Jongho, Yuri, and Ahn Jung Hoon have been given a role as individuals from the kid bunch SHAX. SHAX is a top kid bunch that controls the music diagrams. U-KISS’s Jun will play the focal point of the gathering, Kwon Ryoc, who consolidates ability, great looks, and a charming ungainliness.

Chani will play previous part Eun Jo, who is a similar age as Ryoc. Both of them were the most famous individuals in SHAX and are the two opponents and companions. Jongho will play Hyuk, the most youthful individual from the gathering, while Hwiyoung will play Yihyun, the performer and maker of the gathering.

Yuri will play Do Jin, who is responsible for assortment in the gathering, and Ahn Jung Hoon will play the gathering’s chief, Jae Woo.

ATEEZ’S Yunho, Seonghwa, and San, and Boys’ Republic’s Suwoong, have been given a role as individuals from the gathering Sparkling. Yunho will play Yoo Jin, the focal point of Sparkling,

who is an industrious and suffering individual under his delicate looks and sweet grin. Suwoong will play Sparkling’s previous focus, Hyun Oh, while Seonghwa and San will play the individuals Min Soo and Se Young separately.

Danny Ahn will play Tea Party’s office CEO, Ji Hak, and Shim Eun Jin will play Reporter Byun, who monitors’ everything icons might do.

Imitation Cast

Jeong Ji So as Lee Ma Ha
Lee Jun Young as Kwon Ryok
Park Ji Yeon as La Ri Ma
Jeong Yun Ho as Lee Yoo Jin
Chani as Lee Eun Jo
Im Na Young as Shim Hyun Ji Teaparty member
Kim Min Seo as Yu Ri Ah Teaparty member
Hwi Young as Kang Lee Hyun Shax member
Ahn Jung Hun as Han Jae Woo Shax member
Choi Jong Ho as Hyuk Shax member
Park Yu Ri as Do Jin Shax member
Choi San as Min Soo Sparkling member
Lee Soo Woong as Hyun Oh Sparkling member
Park Seong Hwa as Se Young Sparkling member
Danny Ahn as Ji Hak Agency CEO
Oh Hee Joon as Koo Dae Kwon Manager
Shim Eun Jin as Reporter Byun Reporter who keeps track of idols’ every move
Lee Hwi Seo as Tae Ri
Shin Soo Ho as Tae Geun
Kim So Hee as Joo Min Sung
Kim Ji Sook as Eun Jin Stylist
Gong Jung Hwan as Park Jin Man
Lee Tae Hyung as General Manager Kim
Choi So Yoon as So Yoon
Yeon Si Woo as Annie
Jo Jung Chi as Ha Seok Composer
Nam Jung Woo as Go Ba Wi
Jang Won Young as CEO
Kim Jae Il as CEO
Jo Mo Se as Staff
Yoon Jung Sub as Movie filming staff
Sung Hyuk as Best new actor nominee
Son Yu Ji as Herself
Yoon Yoo Sun as Ma Ha’s mother
Park Yu Rim as Herself
Yoon Ha Eun as Herself
Seo Ji Hoon as Yoon Bin
Kim In Sun as Actress

Additional Cast

Lim Jung Min as Actor

Song Ji Oh as Bit part

Baek So Hyun as Unknown

Jung Ji So as Lee Ma Ha

Park Kyung Rim as Current Affairs and People host

Kim Seo Yeon as Hyun Oh’s ex-girlfriend

Imitation Trailer

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