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I Bet Everything (2021)

I Bet Everything cast: Park Sang Nam, Lee Jong Hwa, ZN. I Bet Everything Release Date 21 January 2021. I Bet Everything.
I Bet Everything cast: Park Sang Nam, Lee Jong Hwa, ZN. I Bet Everything Release Date 21 January 2021. I Bet Everything.

Overall: I Bet Everything is a Korean Movie (2021). I Bet Everything cast: Park Sang Nam, Lee Jong Hwa, ZN. I Bet Everything Release Date 21 January 2021. I Bet Everything.

I Bet Everything Detail

Movie: I Bet Everything (2021)
Genres: Movie
Main Stars: Park Sang Nam, Lee Jong Hwa, ZN
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 21 January 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 21 January 2021
Also Known As: modeun geol georeosseo, 모든 걸 걸었어, I Bet Everything 2021

I Bet Everything Synopsis and Plot Summary

Cha Gi-seong, a virtuoso goalkeeper who has been having some fantastic luck since turning into an individual from the public youth group and even subsequent to going through a kidney relocate medical procedure because of intense renal disappointment, tumbles down once more. Presently his soccer life is finished. The end!

After a year, Gi-seong’s body responds by reflex to a ball that incidentally flew out and about. In the wake of being offered a fill-in goalkeeper position in the Third Division by a companion, as of now, his psyche and body respond emphatically, regardless of whether his head says no. “What’s truly startling to me is that I should play soccer once more, if my heart begins to pound once more. That is the most frightening thing.”

“Thump.” Every morning, the sound of a credit shark thumping on the entryway is the beginning of Yoon Seong-pil’s day. Because of his mom’s obligations and his confounded connections, it’s been quite a while since he descended from the First Division to the Third. As far as he might be concerned, football isn’t a fantasy any longer, yet just his way to get a lady. “Life is wrecked in any case!”

Upon the arrival of the E-Land FC’s away match where Seong-pil has a place, Seong-pil abruptly ignited with a pointless craving to contend, in the wake of realizing that his adversary will be Cha Gi-seong. “I will show my capacity against Gi-seong,” he wagers all alone. It’s been quite a while since he’s done everything he can to shoot… be that as it may, he can’t score a solitary objective and he just hurt his pride.

In the long run, E-Land FC was totally crushed, yet they got blasting help and it caused the air to appear as though they had won. The uproarious cheers felt humiliating to Seong-pil, yet amidst it, Gi-seong felt desirous. “I need to be applauded, as well!’

Gi-seong joins E-Land FC in the Third Division, expecting eager cheers from allies. Be that as it may, the mentor is more into online soccer matches instead of the soccer match itself, and the players, he was unable to try and catch an impression! Furthermore, the regional government is compelling to sever the group, considering it a misuse of citizens’ cash!

Will he have the option to progress to the Second Division with a half winning rate, or disband the group? There is just a single decision notwithstanding the group’s endurance emergency! They are as yet youthful to surrender their fantasies, and the vast majority of all, still obsessed with soccer. They at long last consent to wager everything on a half winning rate.

After numerous exciting bends in the road, it’s the whole gathering’s first game! It’s been quite a while since their souls were brimming with desire and goal, however the game is savagely brushed off.

They’re in a circumstance where triumph appears to be troublesome, not to mention a half winning rate. Seong-pil censures himself for singling out his colleagues in vain, and even transforms the circumstance that could cause them to get into actual battle. Among them, the mentor furtively readies a trump card. “The amazing no-turn fountain of liquid magma shot?!”

Will they have the option to progress to the Second Division, the expert class that they longed for by filling the half winning rate? A contacting show of youth’s inspiring dreams and enthusiasm unfurls. “On the off potential for success that I can’t have on the grass… At that point I as of now don’t exist. Since… I previously wager everything!”

I Bet Everything Cast

Park Sang Nam as Main Role

Jin Yea as Girl group member

Lee Jong Hwa as Main Role

ZN as Main Role

Kim Tae Han as Support Role

Han Ji Hyun as Kang Seon Mi

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