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Haechi (2019)

Haechi cast: Lee Sae Rom, Jung Il-Woo, Kwon Yool, Go Ara. Haechi Release Date:11 February 2019. Haechi episodes: 48.
Haechi cast: Lee Sae Rom, Jung Il-Woo, Kwon Yool, Go Ara. Haechi Release Date:11 February 2019. Haechi episodes: 48.

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Overall: Haechi is a Korean Drama (2019). Haechi cast: Lee Sae Rom, Jung Il-Woo, Kwon Yool, Go Ara. Haechi Release Date:11 February 2019. Haechi episodes: 48.

Haechi Detail

Drama: Haechi (2019)
Network: SBS
Directers: Lee Yong Seok
Writer: Kim Yi Young
Main Stars: Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yool, Go Ara
Genres: Action, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 11 February 2019
Season: 1
Aired: 11 February 2019 – 30 April 2019
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Also Known As: Hatch, 獬豸, 해치, Haechi 2019

Haechi Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set during the Joseon Dynasty period, four individuals from various different backgrounds meet up to make Prince Lee Geum the King and change the Saheonbu. The four individuals are Lee Geum, Yeo Ji, Park Moon Soo, and Dal Moon.

Lee Geum is a sovereign, at the same time, despite the fact that he is brilliant, he isn’t perceived as a ruler because of his mom being conceived in the most reduced class.

Yeo Ji is Damo at the Saheonbu. She examines cases eagerly. She has an ability for hand to hand fighting and unknown dialects. Yeo Ji is the best examiner at the Saheonbu, including the male specialists. Park Moon Soo has been planning for his test to turn into an open official. He isn’t brilliant and experiences issues with the test, however, he is straightforward and delicate to others. Dal Moon is an acclaimed jokester. He is acceptable at combative techniques.

Haechi Cast

Kim Seung Hyun as Soldier
Jung Il-Woo as Lee Geum
Kwon Yool as Park Moon-Soo
Go Ara as Yeo-Ji
Park Hoon as Dal-Moon
Lee Kyoung-Young as Min Jin-Hun

Jung Moon-Sung as Lee Tan
Bae Jung-Hwa as Cheon Yoon-Young / Bok-Dan
Han Sang-Jin as Wi Byung-Joo
Jung Soon-Won as Joo Young-Han
Choi Min-Chul as Yoon Hyeok
Im Ho as Minister Lee Kwang Jwa Soron

Jeon Bae-Su as Jang Dal
Ahn Seung-Kyoon as A-Bong
Kim Jong-Soo as Lee Yi-Kyum
Lee Pil-Mo as Han Jung-Seok
Han Seung-Hyun as King Gyeongjong
Kim Kang Il as Lord Chief Secretary; Royal Secretariat

Nam Gi-Ae as Queen Inwon
No Young-Hak as Prince Yeonryung
Song Ji-In as Crown Princess
Choi Soo-I’m as Seo
Park Ji-Yeon as Cho-Hong
Han Dong Gyu as Uigeumbu official
Yun Seo Jeong as Maid servant

Ha Sung-Kwang as Ja-Dong
Do Ki-Seok as Gae-Dol
Seo Eun Yool as Han Joon-Jae
Lee Won-Jae as Kim Chang-Joong
Lim Ho as Lee Gwang-Jwa
Kim Gab Soo as King Suk Jong
Ahn Seo Hyun as “Flower” Girl with tattoo

Han Ji-sang as Do Ji-Gwang
Hong Jin-Gi as Goon-Tae
Ko Joo-Won as Lee In-Jwa
Kim Kap-Soo as King Sookjong
Son Byung-Ho as Jo Tae-Goo
Nam Ki Ae as Queen In Won Queen Dowager

Baek Seung Chul as Namin Faction
Lee Do-Yub as Jo Hyun-Myung
Lee Han-Gal as Min Jin-Hun’s assassin
Ahn Seo-Hyun as Kkot-Nim
Lee Seung-Won as Jeon Ki-Soo
Song Chang-Kyu as rice shop owner

Additional Cast Members

Jung In-Seo as Go-Mi
Yoo Jung-Rae as Kyu Hwa-Eun
Lee Kyung-Hoon as Jung Moon-Sung
Choi Hyun-Jin as Dal-Moon young
Jo Ye-Rin as Cheon Yoon-Young / Bok-Dan young
Kwon Yoo-Na as Cho-Hong’s female slave
Park Mi-Sook as Kyung-Suk’s wife
Kang Shin-Koo as a high ranking government officer
Jeon Jin-Oh as a scholar
Park Si-Wan as a young boy
Lee Do-Yeon as a runaway girl
Kim Mi-Ra as court lady for previous king’s wife
Yoon Jung-Ro as a rookie inspector
Won Chun-Gyu as boss of beggars
Lee Kyung-Oh as Choi Hyeong-Jeon
Ahn Seung Gyun as Ah Bong Asst. Inspector
Park Chan
Hong Ye-Ji

Haechi trailer

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