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God’s Quiz: Reboot (2018)

God's Quiz: Reboot cast: Ryu Deok-Hwan, Yoon Joo-Hee, Park Jun-Myun. God's Quiz: Reboot Release Date: 14 November 2018. God's Quiz: Reboot episodes: 16.
God's Quiz: Reboot cast: Ryu Deok-Hwan, Yoon Joo-Hee, Park Jun-Myun. God's Quiz: Reboot Release Date: 14 November 2018. God's Quiz: Reboot episodes: 16.

Overall: God’s Quiz: Reboot is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2018). God’s Quiz: Reboot cast: Ryu Deok-Hwan, Yoon Joo-Hee, Park Jun-Myun. God’s Quiz: Reboot Release Date: 14 November 2018. God’s Quiz: Reboot episodes: 16.

God’s Quiz: Reboot Detail

Drama: God’s Quiz: Reboot (2018)
Network: OCN
Directors: Kim Jong Hyeok
Writer: Kang Eun Seon
Main Stars: Ryu Deok-Hwan, Yoon Joo-Hee, Park Jun-Myun
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 14 November 2018
Season: 1
Aired: 14 November 2018 – 10 January 2018
Aired on: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: 신의 퀴즈5, Shinui Kwijeu 5, Shinui Kwijeu: Ributeu, Quiz from God: Reboot, God’s Quiz Season 5, 神的測驗:重啟, 신의 퀴즈:리부트, God’s Quiz: Reboot 2018

God’s Quiz: Reboot Synopsis and Plot Summary

This is a dramatization of world-class specialists and measurable researchers exploring puzzling passings and illuminating riddles identified with uncommon sicknesses.

Han Jin Woo is the tormented clinical virtuoso with a supernatural occurrence mind that has experienced a lot of difficulties. After he engages in a startling case, he comes back to the clinical analyst’s office without precedent for a long time.

God’s Quiz: Reboot Cast

Ryu Deok-Hwan as Han Jin-Woo
Yoon Joo-Hee as Kang Kyeong-Hee
Park Jun-Myun as Jo Young-Sil
Kim Joon-Han as Kwak Hyuk-Min
Kim Jae-Won as Hyun Sang-Pil
Yoon Bora as Jung Seung Bin

Kim Ki-Doo as Nam Sang-Bok
Yoo Jung-Rae as Lim Si-Hyun
Park Hyo-Joo as Moon Soo-An
Song Ji-Ho as Lee Dong-Keun
Yoon Bo-ra as Jung Seung-Bin
Jung Jong Woo as Front desk security
Kim Young Sun as Kyung Sook

Kwak Min-Ho as Seok Tae-Joon
Kang Yoon as Baek Yoo-Chan
Song Min-Jae as Jung Do-Hyun
Park Se-Hyun as Lee Ji-Eun
Lee Sang-Yi as Jae-Seung
Kwon Jae Hwan as Man who knows Hyun Sang Pil
Oh Yu Jin as Lee Eun Soo

Jang Sung Yoon as Student #2
Choi Jung-Woo as Jang Gyu-Tae
Baek Seung-Hwan as Lim Do-Yoon
Kang You-Seok as Man-Jong
Song Chang-Kyu as apartment security
No Kang-Min as Seok Tae-Joon
Park Se Hyun as Lee Ji Eun
Kim Joon Han as Kwak Hyun Min

Additional Cast Members

Kim Ho-Jung as General Manager Seo
Lee Shin-Ki as a detective
Lee Young-Sook as Kim Yeo-Soon
Jo Seung-Yeon as Lee Jae-Hyung
Tak Woo-Suk as Yoon Hyun-Jong
Woo Sang-Jeon as Han Jae-Man
Jeon Se-Hyun as Ra Hui-Yeong
Jung Myung-Joon as Min Byung-Tae
Park Choong-Sun as Han Chi-Soo
Choi Young-Woo as Jeon Doo-Yub
Park Yong as Pastor Kim
Kim Do-Kyung as Ha Yeon-Woo
Yang Joo-Ho as Nam Sang-Bok’s brother-in-law
Yeo Woon-Bok as hospital vice president
Min Joon-Hyun as the doctor
Son Kyoung-Won as a doctor
Song Min-Jae as Jung Do-Hyun
Choi Hyun-Jin as Hyun Sang-Pil
Kim Jae-Wook as AI Joo-On
Choi Yi-Sun

God’s Quiz: Reboot trailer

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