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Following (2024)

Following cast: Byun Yo Han, Shin Hye Sun, Lee El. Following Release Date: 15 May 2024.
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Following is a Korean Mystery Thriller, Movie (2024). Following cast: Byun Yo Han, Shin Hye Sun, Lee El. Following Release Date: 15 May 2024.

Following Detail

Movie: Following (2024)
Director: Kim Se Hwi
Writer: Kim Se Hwi
Main Stars: Byun Yo Han, Shin Hye Sun, Lee El
Genres: Mystery Thriller, Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 15 May 2024
Season: 1
Also Known As: She’s Dead, She Died, Geunyeoga Jugeossda, Geunyeoga Jugeottdaa, 그녀가 죽었다, Following 2024

Following Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story of Following unfolds when Gu Jeong tae who is an agent in real estate who enjoys being a spy, observes the death of a social media influencer named “Han So-ra,” who was watching as he searches for the name ‘Han So-ra’ in order to find his name from the killer. This is a thriller that follows a chase film.

Shin Hye-sun is the character of Han So-ra. She is an influencer who catches the attention of others and collaborates together with Byun Yo-han who is Gu Jeong-tae.

Sora Han is a well-known influencer who earns her income through fake postings for example, posting a picture of her salad made from vegan ingredients as she eats her sausage and uploading photos of her pretending to have the bag of a luxury brand owned by someone else.

She is however a active real estate agent during the day. But when she is the subject of scrutiny by Gu Jeong-tae whom has an unsavory reputation of people who are observing them at the local convenience store, she suddenly dies, leaving her as a mystery.

Following Cast

Byun Yo Han as Gu Jung Tae

Shin Hye Sun as Han So Ra

Lee El as Oh Young Joo

Lee Se Rang as Jung Tae’s mother

Park Myung Hoon as Detective team leader

Shim Dal Gi as Ji Hee

Park Ye Ni as BJ Whistle

Yoon Byung Hee as Lee Jong Hak

Kim Mi Hye as Support Role

Jang Sung Bum as Support Role

Han So Ha as Unknown

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