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Falsify (2017)

Falsify cast: Namgung Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Uhm Ji-Won. Falsify Date: 24 July 2017. Falsify episodes: 32.
Falsify cast: Namgung Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Uhm Ji-Won. Falsify Date: 24 July 2017. Falsify episodes: 32.

Overall: Falsify is a Korean Thriller, Drama (2017). Falsify cast: Namgung Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Uhm Ji-Won. Falsify Date: 24 July 2017. Falsify episodes: 32.

Falsify Detail

Drama: Falsify (2017)
Network: SBS
Director: Lee Jung Heum
Writer: Kim Hyun Jung
Main Stars: Namgung Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Uhm Ji-Won
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 24 July 2017
Season: 1
Aired: 24 July 2017-12 September 2017
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Also Known As: Jojak, Manipulation, Fabrication, Distorted,조작, Falsify 2017

Falsify Synopsis and Plot Summary

In current society, news coverage has lost its honesty, and writers who center around the realities have vanished. In any case, we’ve seen that there are still columnists who look for reality, and if there is at any rate one individual who is happy to look, reality will come out from the obscurity. Here we have two writers. One is a “media jackal”, a writer who will compose any story, certainty or fiction, so as to get sees, and the other is a “vegetative columnist” who hasn’t had the option to compose a solitary article for a long time. These two columnists, with the assistance of an investigator, cooperate so as to look for reality.

Falsify Cast

Bae Hae Seon as Choi Su Yeon
Namgung Min as Han Moo-Young
Yoo Joon Sang as Lee Seok-Min
Uhm Ji-Won as Kwon So-Ra
Moon Sung-Geun as Koo Tae-Won
Jeon Hye-Bin as Oh Yoo-Kyung
Oh Jung-Se as Han Chul-Ho
Jo Hee-Bong as Yang Dong-Sik
Kim Gang-Hyun as Lee Yong-Sik
Park Kyung-Hye as Seo Na-Rae
Ahn Ji-Hoon as Yang Sang-Ho
Park Sung-Hoon as Na Sung-Sik
Oh Ah-Yeon as Kong Ji-Won
Park Ji-Young as Cha Yeon-Soo
Jung Hee-Tae as Park Jin-Woo
Park Won-Sang as I’m Ji-Tae
Choi Gwi-Hwa as Yang Choo-Sung
Kim Ki-Nam as Lee Byung-Gwan
Ryu Seung-Soo as Jo Young-Ki
Kim Min-Sang as Jung Hae-Dong
Jeong Man-sik as Jeon Chan-Soo

Additional Cast Members

Kim Jong-Soo as Min Young-Ho
Jo Young-Jin as deputy prosecutor general
Park Jung-Hak as Park Eung-Mo
Kim Hye-Seong as Song Tae-Joon
Lee Joo-Seung as Yoon Sun-Woo
Kang Shin-Hyo as Kim Jin-Woo / tattoo man
Lee Sang-Hee as fiancee
Cha Soon-Bae as Kim Sun-Hong
Kim Hyung-Mook as a prosecutor
Lee Won-Jong as Nam Kang-Myung
Kim Yong-Woon as fake Nam Kang-Myung
Won Gun-Su as Soo-Ha
Kim Ho-Jung as Seo Yeon-Hee
Bae Hae-Sun as a whistle-blower
Park Hoon as an informant
Son Kyoung-Won as a chief reporter covering Seoul Metropolitan Police Station
Kim Si-Eun as orphanage girl
Jung Sang-Hyun as a nursery school kid
Lee Chang as Guest Role
Kim A-Ram
as a nurse
Kim Keum-Soon as hair salon customer

Additional Cast

Jung Yeon as Detective

Kim Chul Yoon as Guest Role

Falsify trailer

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