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The Devil Judge (2021)

The Devil Judge cast: Ji Sung, Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young. The Devil Judge Release Date: 3 July 2021. The Devil Judge Episodes: 16.
The Devil Judge cast: Ji Sung, Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young. The Devil Judge Release Date: 3 July 2021. The Devil Judge Episodes: 16.
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Overall: The Devil Judge is a Korean Mystery, Drama (2021). The Devil Judge cast: Ji Sung, Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young. The Devil Judge Release Date: 3 July 2021. The Devil Judge Episodes: 16.

The Devil Judge Detail

Drama: Devilish Judge (2021)
Network: tvN
Director: Choi Jung Gyu
Writer: Moon Yoo Seok
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Main Stars: Ji Sung, Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 3 July 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 3 July 2021-22 August 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: agmapansa , The Demon Judge , The Devil Judge, 악마판사, The Devil Judge 2021

The Devil Judge Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in a tragic form of present-day Korea where day by day life is turmoil and society has imploded to the point that individuals straightforwardly voice their doubt and disdain for their chiefs. In this world dispossessed of peace and lawfulness, Head Preliminary Appointed authority Kang signals the requirement for change. His court is the subject of an unscripted TV drama where he pitilessly rebuffs the blameworthy, procuring him the \”Devil Judge\” moniker. As a troublesome figure with an air of secret that misrepresents his actual character and aspirations, the general population is uncertain whether he is a genuine saint or somebody, purposely planting the seeds of discontent in his court.

An unpleasant contention has come to fruition between the \”Devil Judge\” and the profoundly goal-oriented Jung Sun Ah, who has ascended from neediness to turn into a corporate social obligation establishment chief. Into this fierce world enter two cherished companions on a mission for genuine equity: youngster Judge Kim Ga On and Cop Yoon Soo Hyun. Do they have the stuff to challenge both the conspiring Jung Sun Ah and the infamous \”Devil Judge\”?

The Devil Judge Cast

Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han
Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah
Park Jin Young as Kim Ga On Kang Isaac
Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun
Ahn Nae Sang as Min Jung Ho Supreme Court
Kim Jae Kyung as Oh Jin Joo Supreme Court
Jang Young Nam as Cha Kyung Hee Minister of Justice
Baek Hyun Jin as Heo Jung Se President
Jung In Kyum as Seo Jeong Hak
Jung Ae Yun as Do Yun Jung
Nam Sung Jin as Lee Jae Kyung
Hong Seo Joon as Min Yong Shik Chairman
Lee So Yeong as Jae Hee
Lee Ki Taek as “K”
Yoon Da Kyung as Pi Hyang Mi
Seo Sang Won as Ji Yoon Shik
Lee Seo Hwan as Park Du Man
Moon Dong Hyuk as Lee Young Min
Jeon Chae Eun as Kang Elijah Yo Han’s niecce
Yoon Ye Hee as Ji Young Ok Yo Han’s housekeeper
Joo In Young as Kim Sang Sook
Lee Hwa Ryong as PD
Kim Kyung Il as Kyung Hee’s secretary
Park Hyung Soo as Ko In Guk
Kim Mi Ra as Mother
Kim Sa Hun as Reporter
Jeon Min Hyup as Reporter
Uhm Yoon Jung as Reporter
Kwon Hae Sung as Prosecutor
Shin Yeon Suk as Soon Ja’s sister
Jung Jae Sung as Ju Il Do
Sung Min Soo as Yu Jong Baek
Cha Geon Woo as Jang Ki Young
Hong Jung Min as Sae In
Moon Woo Jin as Kang Yo Han Young
Kim Song Il as Priest
Kim Jin Ah as Teacher
Ki Eun Yoo as Boy in the backseat
Moon Yong Il as Waiter
Im Yong Soon as Director Yoon
Seo Min Sung as Employee
Seo Woo Jin as Kang Isaac Young
Yook Jin Soo as Kim Man Ho
Joo Seok Tae as Kang Ji Sang
Jeong Yeong Do as Reporter
Joo Boo Jin as Restaurant owner
Bae Eun Woo as Young Min’s girlfriend
Lee Won Jin as Supreme Court CCTV staff
Shin Hee Gook as Lee Ji Hoon
Myung Seok Geun as Jung In Seok
Jang Ho Jin as Kim Sung Hoon
Jung Chung Gu as Ex-firefighter
Yoo Yong as Young Min’s attorney
Ju Ah Yeon as Part-time waitress
Shin Kang Kyun as Old man picking up waste paper
Kim Su Ha as Kang Elijah Young
Lee Sung Il as Kang Cheol Ho
Kim Kwang Shik as Detective Park
Ju Min Chan as Priest
Lee Seo Yul as Physician
Lee Jae Woo as Public official
Jo Ah Jin as Bartender
Park Se Ryeon as Waitress
Lee So Geum as Detective
Yeom Hye Ran as Guest Role
Park Young Gyu as Guest Role
Jun Jung Il as Guest Role
Park Se Ryeon as Waitress
Jung Eun Pyo as Doh Young Choon Con artist
Chun In Seo as Han So Yoon aspiring actress / Yo Han’s ally
Kim Moon Chan as Jo Min Seong Soo Hyun’s chief / Yo Han’s ally from the RIU
Kim Ga Yoon as Jung Sun Ah Young
Lee Hae Woon as Kim Choong Sik / “Jukchang”

Additional Cast

Hwang Jung Yoon as Chairman Min’s secretary

Yoon Jong Goo as Child abuse defendant

Kim Jong Soo as Lee Jung Seok

Min Kyung Ok as Informant

Sim So Yeon as Doh Young Choon’s victim

Ki Hwan as Prosecutor in Child abuse case

Lee Yang Hee as Yu Jong Baek

Seo Myung Chan as Committee member

The Devil Judge Trailer

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