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Dark Hole (2021)

Dark Hole cast: Dark Hole, Lee Joon Hyuk. Dark Hole Release Date: 30 April 2021. Dark Hole Episodes: 12.
Dark Hole cast: Dark Hole, Lee Joon Hyuk. Dark Hole Release Date: 30 April 2021. Dark Hole Episodes: 12.

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Overall: Dark Hole is a Korean Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama (2021). Dark Hole cast: Dark Hole, Lee Joon Hyuk. Dark Hole Release Date: 30 April 2021. Dark Hole Episodes: 12.

Dark Hole Detail

Drama: Dark Hole (2021)
Network: OCN
Director: Kim Bong Joo
Writer: Jung Yi Do
Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery
Main Stars: Kim Ok Bin, Lee Joon Hyuk, Yoon Jung Hoon
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 30 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 30 April 2021-5 June 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Dakeuhol, Another Class, 어나더 클래스, Eonadeo Keullaeseu, 다크홀, Dark Hole 2021

Dark Hole Synopsis and Plot Summary

About a gathering of survivors who need to battle for their lives against freaks that are made when people inhale puzzling dim smoke from a sinkhole.

Lee Hwa Sun is a police criminologist in the Seoul local examination unit. Lee Hwa Sun’s life is flipped around when she gets a call from her better half’s killer, advising her to come to “Mujishi.”

Notwithstanding, the individuals in Mujishi have been changed into beasts subsequent to taking in a secretive dim smoke. Lee Hwa Sun should battle to make due as well as fight her dread to catch her better half’s killer.

Yoo Tae Han is a local of Mujishi and a destroyed vehicle driver. He has a lighthearted character and likes to joke around, yet he has a solid feeling of equity.

He quit being a cop because of an embarrassment brought about by a misconception, however he is pleased with his days in the power.

At the point when he meets Lee Hwa Sun in the disarray of Mujishi, he dedicates his life to saving others from peril.

Dark Hole Cast

Choi Tae Joon as Hoo Joon
Choi Soo Young as Lee Geun Young
Hwang Chan Sung as JJ / Choi Jae Joon
Han Ji An as Oh In Hyung
Kim Min Kyu as Go Soo Hwan Geun Young’s co-worker & friend
Kim Min Kyo as Bae Young Seok CEO of Shooting Star
Yoo Seo Jin as Cha Moon Hee Geun Young’s boss
Kim Sun Hyuk as Seo Ji Hyang Hoo Joon’s manager
Kim Ha Kyung as Shin Mi Jung Geun Young’s best friend
Lee Hyun Ji as Lara
Yoon Bok In as Jang Hwa Jeong Geun Young’s mother
Park Chul Min as Lee Joo Il Geun Young’s father
Dong Hyun Bae as PD Han
Im Do Yoon as Writer Noh
Kim Hyung Min as Chef Roy Ahn Geun Young’s ex-boyfriend
Lee Kan Hee as Kim Eun Chae Hoo Joon’s mother
Song Chae Yoon as Cha Yu Ri
Park Sung Il as Choi Hee Gun Reporter of “Attention”
Baek Seung Heon as Shin Hyuk Mi Jung’s boyfriend
Ji Ho Sung as Kang Ji Hyuk
Song Chae Yun as Cha Yu Ri Hoo Joon’s dedicated fan
Kim Noh Jin as Kang Yeon
Park Hyun Woo as In Hyung’s manager
Ahn Danny as Hoo Joon’s music producer
Park Mi Ri as Reporter #2
Koo Ja Keon as Student
Min Do Hee as Award Ceremony Announcer
Kim Shi Young as Guest Role
Alberto Mondi as Benedict
Jung Da Sol as Woman at cafe
Sung Hoon as JJ’s brother
Jo Jae Ryong as Kang Gyung Soo
Yoo Seung Mok as Advertiser
Song Ji Eun as Flight attendant
Seo Young Sam as Seo Yong Min school janitor
Kim Deok Ju as Shaman house woman

Additional Cast

Lee Chul Min as Kang Duk Soo

Kim Do Hoon as Lee Jin Seok Student

Oh Yu Jin as Han Dong Rim Student

Kim Kang Min as Min Gyu

Jung Soo Bin as Female student / Bully

Tak Jae Hoon as Mr. Bae infected man

Song Sang Eun as Kim Seon Nyeo / “Sunnyeo” / “Madame Kim”

Ki Hwan as Pathologist

Ahn Eun Jin as So Jung Hwa Detective

Dark Hole Trailer

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