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Criminal Minds (2017)

Criminal Minds cast: Lee Joon-Gi, Son Hyun-Joo, Moon Chae-Won. Criminal Minds Date: 26 July 2017. Criminal Minds episodes: 20.
Criminal Minds cast: Lee Joon-Gi, Son Hyun-Joo, Moon Chae-Won. Criminal Minds Date: 26 July 2017. Criminal Minds episodes: 20.

Overall: Criminal Minds is a Korean Mystery, Drama (2017). Criminal Minds cast: Lee Joon-Gi, Son Hyun-Joo, Moon Chae-Won. Criminal Minds Date: 26 July 2017. Criminal Minds episodes: 20.

Criminal Minds Detail

Drama: Criminal Minds (2017)
Network: tvN
Director: Lee Jeong Hyo, Yang Yoon Ho
Writer: Hong Seung Hyun
Main Stars: Lee Joon-Gi, Son Hyun-Joo, Moon Chae-Won
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 26 July 2017
Season: 1
Aired: 26 July 2017-28 September 2017
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Also Known As: Keurimineol Maindeu, Criminal Minds Korea, 크리미널 마인드, Criminal Minds 2017

Criminal Minds Synopsis and Plot Summary

The dramatization follows a gathering of profoundly prepared profilers in the anecdotal National Criminal Investigation (NCI) group who track down lawbreakers to understand cases. It starts a year after a vital mistake brings about a bomb exploding at a medical clinic, murdering a few SWAT officials and leaving the NCI group pioneer Kang Ki Hyung’s certainty seriously shaken. He comes back to work after a long break and is quickly brought into a sequential homicide case which requires the NCI group to team up with the nearby police organization’s Violent Crimes Unit. They meet the volatile cop Kim Hyun Joon, who seems to have an unpleasant resentment against Ki Hyung.

Criminal Minds Cast

Lee Joon-Gi as Kim Hyun-Joon
Son Hyun-Joo as Kang Ki-Hyung
Moon Chae-Won as Ha Sun-Woo

Yoo-Sun as Na Na-Hwang
Lee Sun-Bin as Yoo Min-Young
Go Yoon as Lee Han
Kim Young-Chul as Baek San

Oh Yeon-Su as Hye-Won
Kim Kang-Hoon as Kang Han-Byeol
Lee Seo-An as Han Seung-Hye
Goo Gun-Min as Jung Ha-Eun
Kim Won-Hae as Kim Yong-Cheol

Hong Ji-Yoon as Park In-Hye
New Sun as Choi Na-Young
Jang Dong-Joo as Park Jae-Min
Kim In-Kwon as An Sang-Chul
Shin Dam-Soo as Jung Do-Il

Park Geun-Hyung as Commissioner Kwon
Lim Soo-Hyang as Song Yoo-Kyung
Nam Myung-Ryul as Yoon Hee-Cheol
Jo Han-Chul as Jang Ki-tae
Jung Tae-Woo as Kim Min-Soo

Lee Youn-Mi as Lee Sang-Hee
Park Hyun-Suk as Oh Soon-Young
Kim Do-Yeon as Hwang Yoon-A’s mother
Lee Han-Seo as Hwang Yoon-A
Jung Joon-Won as Jin-Woo

Additional Cast Members

Park Si-Eun as Han Ji-Eun
Park Ga-Ram as Song Yoo-Kyung young
Kim Seo-Kyung as Kang Jae-Deok
Lee Jong-Goo as Center Director
Park Seo-Young as Hong Hye-In
Park Han-sol as Son Na-Kyung
Yoon Sang-Hoon as Jang Jin-Hwan
Moon Soo-bin as Baek Seo-Young
An Seung-Hwan as Tae-Joon
Jung A-Mi as Kim Hyun-Joon’s mother
Yoon Song-A as Choi Yoo-Rim
Park Choong-Sun as Ji Soo-Chul
Lee Do-Guk as Detective Tae
Heo Dong-won as Hwang In-Chul
Park Sung-il as Kong Hyung-Kyu
Lim Chul-Hyung as Han Ki-Yeon
NC.A as Han Soo-Min
Lee Yong-Nyeo as Ahn Yeo-Jin’s mother
Son Jong-Bum as a detective
Ji Min-Hyuk as a young offender
Yoo Sang-Jae as a special team leader
Yoo In-Hyuk as a traffic police officer
Hong Sung-Duk as Detective Squad Chief Lee
Hwang Bo-Mi as a reporter
Yoo Jung-Ho as Jo Suk-Hwan’s ghost
Kim Hyun-Bin as Do-Young
Ha Roo-Bi as Hyun-Ji
Yang Ji-Soo as Kim Jae-Suk
Jeong Yoon Seo as Lee Yoo-Jin’s mother
Seo Dong-Oh as a private detective agency employee
Changjo as part-time worker handing out flyers
Jeon Jeong-Ro as a taxi driver
Lee Kyung-Oh as a victim
Kang Yi-Suk as Kim Hyun-Joon young
Jeong Ye-In as Ha Sun-Woo young
Lim Yong-Soon as chief of the crime department
Jung Sang-Hyun as Kang Dong-Joon young

Criminal Minds trailer

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