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Connection (2024)

Connection cast: Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yool. Connection Release Date: 24 May 2024. Connection Episodes: 16.
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Connection is a Korean Mystery, Action, Drama (2024). Connection cast: Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yool. Connection Release Date: 24 May 2024. Connection Episodes: 16. A companion who is dead and abandoned his five billion won cash in insurance agency.

Connection Detail

Drama: Connection (2024)
Network: SBS
Director: Kim Moon Kyo
Writer: Lee Hyun
Main Stars: Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yool
Genres: Mystery, Action, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 24 May 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 24 May 2024-13 July 2024
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Keoneksyeon, 커넥션, Connection 2024

Connection Synopsis and Plot Summary

Connection is about a pro investigator from the opiates group who was effectively dependent on drugs by somebody, and with the passing of his companion as a sign, a fellowship that went on for a long time crumbled, and the Connection.

It is a ‘mental wrongdoing examination thrill ride’ that reveals the entire story. It raises serious points about contemporary issues through interesting and novel material that has never been seen.

Most importantly, ‘Connection’ is standing out with the cooperation of essayist Lee Hyun, who has demonstrated his thick account and strong composing abilities through ‘Examiner’s Considerate Conflict,’ who composed the content, and chief Kim Moon-kyo, who was perceived for his sensitive and exact coordinating abilities in ‘Streetcar’.

In ‘Connection’, essayist Lee Hyeon and chief Kim Moon-kyo recount the tale of a pro analyst from the medication group who experiences a malevolent Connection with their extraordinary narrating and course, making an exceptionally complete ‘mental wrongdoing examination spine chiller’.

Corresponding to this, Ji Sung and Jeon Mi-do, who rouse entrust with their ‘inebriating acting abilities’, are standing out as a setup that proclaims a phenomenal change.

Connection Cast

Ji Sung as Jang Jae Kyung

Jeon Mi Do as Oh Yun Jin

Kwon Yool as Park Tae Jin

Seo Yi Ra as Oh Soo Hyun | Sergeant

Lee Hyun So as Park Jun Seo | Young

Jeong Jae Kwang as Kim Chang Soo | Detective

Kim Min Ju as Oh Yun Jin | Young

Cho Han Gyeol as Jang Jae Kyung | Young

Yoon Na Moo as Park Jun Seo

Jung Soon Won as Heo Joo Song | Two Star Holdings CEO

Cha Yeob as Oh Chi Hyeon

Kim Kyung Nam as Won Jong Soo

Lee Sang Jun as Kim Woo Sung

Ryu Hye Rin as Kang Si Jung

Park Keun Rok as Jeong Sang Wi

Park Jung Pyo as Yu Kyung Hwan

Lee Kang Wook as Jung Yoon Ho | Taxi driver

Yoon Sa Bong as Jung Yeon Ju

Han Hyun Jun as Min Hyun Woo

Jung Yoo Min as Choi Ji Yeon

Yoo Hee Je as Gong Jin Wook

Moon Sung Geun as Won Chang Ho | Jong Soo’s father

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