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Close Game: Reversed War (2019)
Close Game: Reversed War (2019)
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Close Game: Reversed War is a Korean Action film 2019. Close Game: Reversed War cast: Ji Dae Han, Park Noh Shik, Hwang Geum Hee. Close Game: Reversed War Release Date: 21 November 2019.

Close Game: Reversed War Detail

Movie: Close Game: Reversed War (2019)
Directors: Zizak
Main Stars: Ji Dae Han, Park Noh Shik, Hwang Geum Hee
Genres: Action
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 21 November 2019
Duration: 1 hr. 19 min
Also Known As: Jeobjeon: Gabeul Jeonjaeng, 접전: 갑을 전쟁

Close Game: Reversed War Plot

A horrendous, yet brilliant single-round challenge with the predominant. Executive Kim is an elderly person who treats his workers gravely. In the mean time, his colleague, Chang Soo, needs to endure Kim’s obnoxious attack each day in the vehicle. At some point, Chang Soo drives an alcoholic executive Kim home. Be that as it may, there is just so a lot of Chang Soo can take and the stifled outrage inside him detonates!

Close Game: Reversed War Cast

Ji Dae Han As Chang Soo
Park Noh Shik As Chairman Kim
Hwang Geum Hee As Chang Soo’s wife
Joo So Jung As Chang Soo’s daughter
Kim In Kwon As Cameo
Jo Han Sun As Cameo

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