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Chill-Inn’s Bum (2021)

Chill-Inn's Bum Release Date: 9 July 2021. Chill-Inn's Bum.
Chill-Inn's Bum Release Date: 9 July 2021. Chill-Inn's Bum.

Overall: Chill-Inn’s Bum is a Korean Movie (2021). Chill-Inn’s Bum Release Date: 9 July 2021. Chill-Inn’s Bum.

Chill-Inn’s Bum Detail

Movie: Chill-Inn’s Bum (2021)
Genres: Movie
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 9 July 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 9 July 2021
Also Known As: Chil-inui Nosugja , Chil Inui Nosugja, 칠-인의 노숙자, Chill-Inn’s Bum 2021

Chill-Inn’s Bum Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chil-lodge is a shabby live positioned within the redevelopment demolition area within the K-kingdom, Soul-City. One day, 5 women who’re K-pop fanatics from different countries are available there to participate in the K-pop cowl dance festival with a purpose to spread some days later. Meanwhile, the DJs, the final tenants of Chill-Inn, do now not provide in to the strain of the building supervisor to evict. They keep DJing at the roof. Beats move on and bums are wakened.

Chill-Inn’s Bum Cast

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