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Blue of Winter (2022)

Blue of Winter Release Date: 15 March 2022. Blue of Winter Episodes: 4.
Blue of WinterBlue of Winter Release Date: 15 March 2022. Blue of Winter Episodes: 4.

Overall: Blue of Winter is a Korean Romance, Drama (2022). Blue of Winter Release Date: 15 March 2022. Blue of Winter Episodes: 4.

Blue of Winter Detail

Drama: Blue of Winter (2022)
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 15 March 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 15 March 2022-24 March 2022
Aired On: Tuesday, Thursday
Episode: 4
Also Known As: Judo Boys, 유도 소년, Blue of Winter 2022

Blue of Winter Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ji Seok and Do Jin meet Hyeon Woo for the duration of high faculty at a judo opposition between excessive colleges in Seoul.

Hyeon Woo, who’s obsessed on preventing regardless of knowing that he will get hurt, makes use of reckless strategies towards his opponent to win. In the cease, Hyeon Woo ends up on a stretcher, but she cannot disguise his joy at the sensation of having managed to win. Ji Seok and Do Jin are curious approximately Hyeon Woo from that day on. Do Jin follows Hyeon Woo to the equal school and meets Hyeon Woo once more on the judo membership.

As the elite prospect of a circle of relatives of judo medalists, Do Jin, who swept the cutting-edge judo championship, is bullied through the jealous superiors of the judo club. Hyeon Woo accurately saves Do Jin, and within the method, the two grow to be near.

Ji Seok approaches Hyeon Woo with the purpose of being a chum and ends up becoming a lover. Do Jin is called to a opposition between athletes in a state of affairs wherein he’s falling in love with Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo, who gets Do Jin’s confession earlier than leaving for the competition, rejects his confession and prays for Do Jin’s Olympic victory.

Six years later, Do Jin, who became a gold medalist, meets once more with Hyeon Woo and Ji Seok, who are in their 0.33 12 months of university, and are struggling with their time together.

Blue of Winter Cast

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