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Begins Youth (2024)

Begins Youth cast: Seo Ji Hoon, Noh Jong Hyun, Ahn Ji Ho. Begins Youth Release Date: 2024. Begins Youth Episodes: 12.
Begins Youth cast: Seo Ji Hoon, Noh Jong Hyun, Ahn Ji Ho. Begins Youth Release Date: 2024. Begins Youth Episodes: 12.

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Begins Youth is a Korean Drama (2024). Begins Youth cast: Seo Ji Hoon, Noh Jong Hyun, Ahn Ji Ho. Begins Youth Release Date: 2024. Begins Youth Episodes: 12.

Begins Youth Detail

Drama: Begins Youth (2024)
Director: Kim Jae Hong
Writer: Kim Soo Jin
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Seo Ji Hoon, Noh Jong Hyun, Ahn Ji Ho
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Begins≠ Youth, Youth, Blue Sky, Yuseu, Peureun Haneul, 푸른 하늘, 비긴즈 유스, Begins Youth 2024

Begins Youth Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Youth” contains the stories of seven boys who suffer from their own secrets and hurt.

They can provide support and empathy during their struggles and trials. Kim Seok Jin is the son of a National Assembly member.

The life of the according to the plans of his father.

Kim Seok Jin appears flawless, with gorgeous looks and comes from a rich family, but Kim Seok Jin is not skilled at expressing his feelings.

He is transferred to an entirely different school. In the new school, he comes to meet new people who are important to him.

In addition, he changes his appearance during this period. Min Yoon Gi isn’t very vocal, but his personality is charming.

There are stories about him that make rounds, such as the fact facts that he burned his house on fire and later killed his mother.

Mom was the main person in everything to Min Yoon Gi.

The only place Min Yoon Gi can be at peace is by playing the piano.

Because his friend is constantly supportive of him, and without discrimination the friend can ease the trauma of his childhood.

Jung Ho Seok is a lover of performing. He has positive attitudes, but the experience was a bit of a nightmare in an theme place. In spite of the terrible experience he is more energetic than other.

Kim Nam-Joon an person who has an intense sense of obligation.

He has a poor family background that led him to become an adult earlier than he needed to have been.

He is working part-time working, but he has the ability to achieve the best marks at high school. Park Ji Min is a young man with a an attractive smile.

He’s lost in his identity because of traumas during his youth.

He was not protected by his family, and being told that he was protected by his family and told. Kim Tae Hyung has an alcohol dependent father.

The father of his son was a an excellent father, who would often play with his son. But, his father changed after the departure of his mother.

Kim Tae Hyung still believes that his father will transform back into the dad he once used become. Jeon Jung Kook is not sensitive to life and death.

It’s because the man is a member of a family that was insecure. He supports his Min Yoon Gi by being a good friend to him, and not judging his actions.

Begins Youth Cast

Seo Ji Hoon as Kim Hwan

Noh Jong Hyun as Min Ce In

Ahn Ji Ho as Jeong Ho Su

Seo Young Joo as Kim Do Geon

Kim Yoon Woo as Park Ha Ru

Jung Woo Jin as Kim Joo An

Other Cast

Jeon Jin Seo as Jeon Jae Ha

Nam Myung Ryul as Koo Hyun Byuk | Principal

Lee Hang Na as Shim Seon Mi | Park Ha Ru’s mother

Kim Young Woong as Kim Seong Hoon | Kim Joo An’s father

Jung Sung Il as Kim Chang Jun | Kim Hwan’s father

Yeo Woon as Choi Mo Gun | Psychiatric patient

Sung Ji Ru as Homeroom Teacher

Kim Nam Hee as Song Jun Ho | Kim Chang Jun’s secretary

Woo Hee Jin as Hwang Seo Yoon | Jeon Jae Ha’s mother

Lee Shi Hoo as Unknown

Park Jung Eon as Unknown

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